Gear Up for Outdoor Adventures with Camping Gifts for Kids

In a fast-paced digital era where screens often dominate children’s leisure time, there exists an enchanting realm waiting to be discovered—the realm of camping, where imagination roams free and nature becomes the ultimate playground. As the sun sets and the night sky reveals its celestial wonders, children embark on unforgettable journeys, forging timeless memories under the starry canopy. To ignite their passion for outdoor exploration and foster a deep connection with the natural world, we proudly present a treasure trove of camping gifts tailor-made for the young adventurers of today.

Within this captivating collection lies an array of camping essentials designed to captivate young hearts and inspire a sense of wonder. From cozy sleeping bags adorned with whimsical patterns to sturdy backpacks brimming with pockets for hidden treasures, these gifts embody the spirit of discovery and ignite the flames of curiosity within young souls.

Imagine the joy on a child’s face as they unwrap a compact and easy-to-assemble tent, transforming any backyard or campsite into their personal haven of imagination. Inside, they can create their own secret fort, share ghost stories with newfound friends, or simply revel in the peaceful solitude of nature’s embrace.

For those intrigued by the mysteries of the nocturnal world, our selection includes innovative camping lanterns that cast a warm glow, unraveling the hidden wonders of the night. With adjustable brightness settings and fascinating color-changing features, these lanterns not only provide a practical source of light but also foster a sense of magic and awe within young explorers.

No camping adventure is complete without culinary delights. Our thoughtfully curated assortment includes child-friendly camping cookware sets that empower young chefs to concoct delicious meals over crackling campfires. From sizzling sausages to gooey marshmallow creations, these cooking sets transform any outdoor setting into a culinary playground, sparking a lifelong love for outdoor cooking and shared family meals.

But the magic doesn’t end there. As the sun sets and the celestial masterpiece unfolds, we offer a selection of stargazing kits and constellation maps that invite young stargazers to unravel the mysteries of the universe. With these tools in hand, children can embark on cosmic journeys, tracing the paths of distant stars and constellations, and perhaps even discovering new ones of their own.

In an era where the allure of technology often overshadows the beauty of the natural world, camping gifts for kids serve as beacons of inspiration, rekindling a deep connection with nature and fostering a sense of adventure that will last a lifetime. By immersing children in the wonders of outdoor exploration, we equip them with invaluable skills, such as resilience, resourcefulness, and a profound appreciation for the fragile ecosystems that surround us.

So, whether you seek to surprise a budding young adventurer or nurture a child’s innate curiosity, our carefully curated collection of camping gifts for kids promises to unlock the door to a world of imagination, discovery, and endless possibilities. Join us as we embark on a journey of wonder and ignite the flames of adventure within the hearts of our young explorers. The great outdoors await—let the camping adventure begin!

1- Kid’s Yeti Water Bottle

Kid’s Yeti Water Bottle Camping Gifts for Kids

YETI has branched out and made a bottle for all the kids that camp alongside their parents. It comes in awesome colors and is just as durable and reliable as adult products.

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2- Melissa and Doug Camping Chair

Melissa and Doug Camping Chair

Nothing perfects the campsite like a kid’s own chair to sit in. These adorable Melissa and Doug chairs are comfortable, cute, and durable making them the perfect camping gift for kids.

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3- Kids sleeping bag

Kids sleeping bag Camping Gifts for Kids

First up, let’s discuss that kids do not need a marketed “kids sleeping bag”. Any sleeping bag can be a kids sleeping bag if you put a kid in it. 😉 When we first started camping with our toddler, I bought myself a new sleeping bag and gave him my old one (he was thrilled!). Then I just tied a large knot in the end of it so he didn’t burrow 5 feet down. If you are backpacking and looking to cut down on weight, or simply want to give a special gift, you can also buy shorter and lighter kids-specific bags – like REI, Big Agnes (fyi the Big Agnes bags require the Big Agnes sleeping pad as well) etc. Or invest that $70 into a bag that will last them as they grow taller! If you’re just getting into camping, Coleman makes affordable kids sleeping bags.

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4- Walkie Talkies for Kids

Walkie Talkies for Kids

Walkie-talkies are the ultimate camping gift for kids that never gets old! The walkie-talkies from Obuby are high quality and built to last. Your kids can drop them, and they won’t get hurt. If you’re looking for camping gifts for toddlers, you’ll like these walkie-talkies because it has a nifty feature where you don’t have to press a button to talk, a hard concept to grasp for young toddlers.

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5- flybold Slackline Kit with Training Line

flybold Slackline Kit with Training Line Camping Gifts for Kids

Easy setup and guaranteed play for hours make a slackline kit a perfect camping gift for kids. We love the portability of the Flybold Slackline Kit and that it can be set up virtually anywhere there are two trees. It comes with a training line so kids as young as five can climb up and work on their strength and balance.

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6- National Geographic Magazine for Kids

National Geographic Magazine for Kids

The magazine that’s designed to inspire and empower children to understand complex ideas through stories, games, and more. For a limited time, receive 2 bonus issues with a new subscription!

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7- Obuby Real Binoculars for Kids

Obuby Real Binoculars for Kids Camping Gifts for Kids

Encourage a child’s innate curiosity with a set of binoculars. If you’re gifting a toddler, you’ll want to buy easy-to-use, smash-proof binoculars that don’t require focusing. We like the GeoSafari Binoculars for their gentle magnification and large eyepieces. For older kids, the Obuby Kid’s Binoculars are lightweight, made of rubber (they won’t break), and can be used by kids who wear glasses. They also come in a wide variety of color choices.

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8- Children’s Compass for Camping

Children's Compass for Camping

When looking for kids camping gear toys, a compass is an easy choice. They’re small, lightweight, and a great tool for teaching them outdoor skills. If you’re buying a compass for a young child, the compass from Sun Company comes in a clear acrylic moulding with a breakaway lanyard so it can be worn and taken off with ease. It comes in cute animal prints that kids will love.

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9- Outdoor Explorer Kit

Outdoor Explorer Kit Camping Gifts for Kids

Give your little explorer everything they’ll need to enjoy nature’s beauty with this Outdoor Explorer Kit! It comes with all the necessary tools (like an over-sized magnifying glass) for collecting creepy, crawly specimens to examine, and thankfully also comes with a critter case as well! Your kids will have so much fun and many outdoor adventures with this great kids camping toy.

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10- Kid’s Backpack for Hiking

Kid's Backpack for Hiking

A fun backpack that they can take with them on all their camping and hiking adventures is always a hit. Even better if you pack the backpack with a few extra gifts from above. We like the Deuter Kid’s Backpack for it’s cute animal print and Mountaintop Kids Backpack for their simple designs. So many backpacks are built to look cute but break down quickly. Go for quality!

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11- Animal Flashlights

Animal Flashlights Camping Gifts for Kids

These animal flashlights are adorable, and kids will love playing with them on camping evenings. The come in several different animal themes, and are the perfect gift for kids who like camping.

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12- Welly camping bandages

Welly camping bandages

Welly makes bandages fun with themed tins and colorful bandages. The tins are also reusable for other things. And the camping tin and bandaids are super cute for outdoor kiddos!

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13- Kids Bow and Arrow Set

Kids Bow and Arrow Set Camping Gifts for Kids

A bow and arrow set is a great gift for older kids who can show restraint when using them. The Faux Bow & Arrow Set comes with foam arrows that can shoot as far as 100 feet. You can get bow and arrow sets that come with targets but they tend to be big and aren’t as portable as this set.

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14- Throw Throw Burrito Game

Throw Throw Burrito Game

This is perfect for the family who loves to play games while camping and is comfortable with getting silly. From the makers of Exploding Kittens, Throw Throw Burrito is a dodgeball card game where you throw squishy burritos at each other. I can’t say we’ve personally played the game, but I came upon it, and let’s just say it might be in my Amazon cart and on its way to my doorstep in two days or less. The game looks hilarious and perfect for the family who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

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15- Sun Hat

Sun Hat Camping Gifts for Kids

Fun colors and patterned sun hats are great gift for camping kids. Another utility type gift, this one will keep them outside longer without needing as much sunscreen! One of our favorite UPF sun hat brands is Sunday Afternoons and we also like REIs kids river hat.

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16- T-Rex Dinosaur Head Lamp for Kids

T-Rex Dinosaur Head Lamp for Kids

A headlamp is a great choice if you’re looking for kids camping toys that are under $30. It’s a useful gift (late-night walks to the bathroom, evening hikes) that’s also fun. Sun Company has a great assortment of headlamps with cute animal prints and roaring dinosaurs. You can see their full selection of headlamps here.

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17- Wise Owl Outfitters Memory Foam Pillow

Wise Owl Outfitters Memory Foam Pillow Camping Gifts for Kids

Leave the bulky pillows at home and instead gift a compact memory foam pillow that is a great option for camping trips and sleepovers! This micro-suede pillow is both lightweight and compact, making it easy to bring along on any adventure! It compresses down in the waterproof carry bag keeping it protected when not in use too. Plus they are machine washable for added convenience.

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18- Sun Glasses

Sun Glasses

New shades will keep your camping kid out of the glare. Older kids and teens will also love the polarized lens sunglasses from goodr. Kids Premiums sunglasses are modeled after the adult Premiums frame style and feature embedded K logos on the outside of each arm

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In Conclusion,

As we draw near to the end of our exploration into the realm of camping gifts for kids, we reflect upon the profound impact outdoor experiences can have on a child’s development. Beyond the tangible items we’ve presented, these gifts hold the power to shape young minds, nurturing a lifelong love for nature, fostering resilience and self-reliance, and instilling an unwavering sense of wonder.

By embracing the great outdoors and engaging in camping adventures, children are bestowed with valuable life lessons that textbooks cannot teach. They learn to adapt to changing environments, to solve problems resourcefully, and to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of the natural world. Through encounters with wildlife, they understand the importance of conservation and emerge as stewards of the Earth, ready to protect and preserve these precious ecosystems for future generations.

Moreover, the experiences gained during camping excursions—whether it’s gathering around a campfire, conquering physical challenges, or bonding with family and friends—create cherished memories that will forever be etched in a child’s heart. These memories hold the power to shape their identities, instilling a sense of self-confidence, resilience, and an unyielding spirit of adventure.

In a world where technology reigns supreme and the allure of screens often distracts us from the wonders that lie just beyond our doorstep, it is our duty to provide children with the tools and opportunities to reconnect with nature. Camping gifts for kids serve as catalysts, igniting the flames of curiosity and inspiring a generation of intrepid explorers who will carry the torch of environmental stewardship into the future.

So, as you embark on your quest to find the perfect camping gift for the young adventurer in your life, remember that you are not merely offering a physical object. You are offering a gateway to a world of imagination, discovery, and boundless possibilities. You are nurturing a child’s spirit of adventure and instilling a deep appreciation for the natural world. You are sowing the seeds of lifelong memories and empowering a generation to embark on daring expeditions, both within the wilderness and within themselves.

Let us embrace the magic of camping and gift our children the joy of exploring the great outdoors. Together, let us foster a love for nature, kindle the flames of curiosity, and ensure that the spirit of adventure burns brightly within the hearts of our young explorers. The world awaits—let us embark on this magnificent journey together.

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