Spice Up Your Home Decor with Funny Coasters

Are you tired of boring coasters that add nothing to your home décor? Do you want to spice up your coffee table with something that’s both functional and amusing?

Look no further than funny coasters! These playful and lighthearted accessories are the perfect addition to any home, office, or bar. Not only do they protect your furniture from water rings and spills, but they also serve as a conversation starter and a source of entertainment for your guests.

Whether you’re looking for a witty pun, a sarcastic remark, or a pop culture reference, there’s a funny coaster out there for everyone. From classic one-liners to quirky illustrations, these coasters come in all shapes and sizes, making them a versatile and affordable way to spruce up your space.

But funny coasters aren’t just about making people laugh. They also reflect your personality and sense of humor, and can be used to express your style and interests. Whether you’re a fan of cats, wine, or dad jokes, there’s a coaster out there that speaks to you. So why settle for a boring coaster when you can have a funny one?

With an endless variety of designs and themes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect set of funny coasters that will add a touch of whimsy and personality to your home. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your beverage of choice on a coaster that’s as unique and fun as you are.

1- Funny Skeleton Coaster Set

$15.99 at amazon

These funny skeleton coasters for drinks are the preferred pick among professional bartenders, everyday families, also the perfect decoration for parties. Great to decorate your kitchen, living room, bedroom or office and so on. Perfect to send to men, women, friends and colleague as a gift.

2- Stacking Burger Coaster Set

$16.98 at amazon

You might be tempted to eat this burger but there are tastier ones at local restaurants, we promise! There are eight coasters in the wood set, each representing a different element of the iconic sandwich. But do all the pieces belong? Start a conversation with your friends about whether that fried egg should really be there.

3- The 80s Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

$32.00 at amazon

You could rest your coffee or beer on these mistaken lyrics coasters or you could belt them out loud and dissolve in fits of laughter with your friends. Lucky for you, there are enough coasters in the set that you could do both.

4- Naughty Bird Pun Coaster Set

$31.12 at etsy

Finally, a way to talk about tits, boobies, cocks, shags, peckers, and hooters without getting in trouble with your mother. Whoever named birds must’ve been one horny motherf*cker because the names of the avian friends on this set are all 100% genuinely real. If you can stop laughing long enough to sip, you’ll be lucky.

5- Nicolas Cage Face Coasters

$30.00 at etsy

Get into a heated debate with your friends over which Nic Cage movie was the best by setting out this cork coaster set. Each features Cage in a noteworthy moment from an iconic role and kind of looks like a meme come to life.

6- Cactus Plant Shaped Coaster Set

$11.99 at amazon

Even folks who have never been able to keep a plant alive will be able to make this cactus thrive. The coaster set has six pieces that you can arrange and rearrange to get creative with your decor and your coffee table protection.

7- Dictionary Definition Funny Coasters

$12.99 at etsy

A writer’s coffee table or desk isn’t complete without dictionary definitions of some silly words and phrases on their desk. These coasters cover unconventional words like Askhole, Adulting, and Chaos Coordinator and have definitions printed on their ceramic surfaces that’ll crack you up.

8- Smiley Braided Coasters

$11.69 at amazon

Enjoy miles of smiles with a six-pack of braided coasters that are soft and squishy. These braided coasters are handcrafted from an absorbent fabric and are a great option for families. They come with a small metal rack for easy storage.

9- Fruit Slice Funny Coaster

$4.99 at amazon

These could be more than coasters, they could be an inspiration for your next cocktail garnish. There are seven slices of tropical fruit in the package, each crafted from food-grade silicone that won’t skid, scratch, or scuff. Plus, in a pinch you could use one to help you open a jar.

10- Funny Box Coaster Set

$16.49 at amazon

Funny puns and jokes about drinking will never not be funny and while you and the gals are getting wine-drunk on a Tuesday watching RHONY reruns, you’ll be shouting these phrases out. The wood coasters have a box for easy storage and will always make you giggle.

11- Sit on My Face Funny Coasters

$4.99 at etsy

Anyone that’s got a crass sense of humor will get a hearty laugh out of this silicone coaster set. There are four in the pack and they belong on the countertop of the home bar of a dude that never quite grew up.

12- Crocheted Cat Butt Coaster Set

$7.99 at etsy

The pop of pink on the rears of these cats really draws the eye, so how do you feel about staring into the “third eye” aka the butthole of a crocheted cat? The hilarious coasters are handmade with love and available in eight varieties.

13- Pooping Dog Coaster Set

$12.95 at amazon

For those that are classy but a little bit trashy, there is the Pooping Dog coaster set. Eight dogs, eight silly scenes of them getting ready to drop a deuce or just having finished pinching one off. The brightly colored set is absolutely ridiculous, which is a great reason to get it.

14- Authentic Eyeball Coaster Set

$19.50 at etsy

Up the creepiness factor of your coffee table and keep an eye on people that think that coasters are not for them with this four-piece set. The authentic eyeballs are rather extraordinary in just how realistic the look and come in four colors.

15- Glowing Radioactive Element Coaster Set

$29.99 at amazon

It’s elementary, my dear Watson, that you should want to add a periodic element of playfulness to your decor. These geek-chic coasters come in a four-pack that includes Radium, Plutonium, Uranium, and Thorium, and each plastic coaster has an LED inside that makes it glow.

16- Sarcastic Vintage Drinking Joke Coasters

$38.00 at etsy

Despite what period piece movies on streaming services might make you think, vintage ladies swore like sailors, made off-color jokes, and were genuinely pretty freaking funny. These collage-style vintage coasters are all the proof you need that vintage ladies could totally hang in modern times.

17- Astroturf Coasters

$42.00 at etsy

When the Superbowl rolls around your coffee table will be safe from water rings thanks to some coasters that look like they belong on the field. The turf coasters are handmade from real astroturf (sans the turf turds) and come in a pack of four.

18- Best Cat Dad Ever Funny Coaster

$6.48 at etsy

You and your feline friend are thick as thieves, which is exactly why he’d want to get you this coaster for Christmas. Celebrate the unique bond you have with your buddy with the engraved coaster.

19- Cutes Coaster Set

$22.49 at etsy

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon with some adorable pals with a Cutes Coaster set on the table. Each of the six cork coasters in the pack is engraved with a charmingly adorable, if not slightly weird-looking, animal character that will make you smile.

20- Lens Coaster Set

$20.70 at etsy

Make a photographer scream by making them think that you’re putting your hot coffee on an actual camera lens. This coaster set is a picture-perfect flat replica of four of Canon’s most popular lenses.

21- Paladone Rick and Morty 3D Coaster Set

$11.99 at amazon

I’M A COASTER MORTY! Go on an adventure to another dimension with some of your favorite cartoon characters with this Rick and Morty set. They’re your portal to a party with your favorite characters.

22- Car Mat Coaster Set

$15.99 at amazon

The man cave coffee table will be safe from water rings with a set of car mat coasters that will inspire conversation about all things vehicle-related. The mats are silicone, just like your car mats, and won’t skid across the table.

23- Dog Paw Funny Coaster Set

$9.99 at amazon

Are these only coasters or are those paw prints invitations for you to put them on the floor and see if you can get your dog to stand on all of them at the same time? Who knows! Anyone with a four-legged friend will love the set, which comes with a wood stand for organization.

24- Floppy Disk Funny Coasters

$11.45 at amazon

A fun game to play with these coasters is asking kids if they know what they are. Some of them will recognize the image from MS Word, while others have only known cloud tech and aren’t familiar with it at all. Enjoy feeling old while you enjoy resting your drink on the disks.

25- Canoeing Bears Coaster Set

$27.99 at amazon

Get down to the bear necessities with your cabin’s rustic decor with a couple of pals headed down the river for a relaxing day. There are six wood-slice replica coasters in the set so you can accommodate extra guests and the whole thing is handpainted with love.

26- Michael Scott Quote Funny Coaster Set

$15.00 at etsy

Is there a better coaster for having on your coffee table while you’re watching reruns of the office for the umpteenth time? Hell no. You’ll be cracking up at these Michael Scott quotes as the turntables and people actually start using them to protect your coffee table.

27- Solid Block Book Coasters

$20.00 at etsy

Your bookshelves and coffee table will have something in common after you invest in some of these blocks, they’ll have the same books on them! There are 23 titles available and they’re available in several pack sizes, including an option to get all 23 at once.

28- Buzzed Pun Funny Cork Coasters

$13.00 at etsy

You’ll be forever grateful for all the euphemisms people have come up with for being absolutely trashed when you see these pun-laden cork coasters. The lightweight coasters will be your first choice of coffee table protection next time you’re absolutely bombed.

29- Please Leave By 9 Funny Coaster

$10.00 at etsy

Like Cinderella at midnight, when 9pm rolls around you transform from average Jane to a sweatpants-wearing, messy-bun having, hot mess of a woman. People need to GTFO so you can watch your shows and be in bed by 10pm. Help get them to the door with this hilarious coaster.

30- Light Up LED Coaster Set

$29.99 at amazon

It’s game over on nasty water marks on your gaming desk with these light-up coasters. The LEDs embedded in the colorful coasters make it easier to see when you’re gaming in the dark, and there are four in the pack so you can put lots of energy drinks on them.

31- “Doctor In Progress” Funny Coaster

$13.08 at zazzle

Top your tables with beautiful glass coasters perfect for your cold or hot drinks. Made with 100% glass, these coasters can also serve as a trivet for your smaller pots and pans to keep your counter free from scratches. Customize a classy glass coaster to match your decor!

32- Cat Shaped Ceramic Coasters Set

$11.59 at amazon

AIPNUN ceramic coaster set, compared with other silicone or wooden material, ceramic coasters have stronger water absorption. It can absorb spilled drink in 5-10 seconds, keep the tabletop clean and dry.


 In conclusion, funny coasters are a simple and effective way to add some personality and humor to your home decor.

Whether you’re looking to protect your furniture from water rings and spills, or simply want to make your guests smile, these playful and lighthearted accessories are the perfect addition to any coffee table, bar, or office. By choosing a set of funny coasters that reflects your personality and interests, you can express your sense of humor and make a statement about who you are.

From witty puns to pop culture references, there’s a coaster out there for everyone, making it easy to find the perfect set that speaks to you. So why settle for boring coasters when you can have funny ones? Invest in a set of funny coasters today and elevate your home decor to the next level.

Not only will you protect your furniture, but you’ll also add a touch of whimsy and personality to your space that will make your guests smile and appreciate your unique sense of style.


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