20+ Funny Gifts for Sister To Make Exotic Surprises

Funny Gifts For Sister

Having a sister is a blessing that many of us are thankful for. And we are grateful for this blessing every day, growing it with attention and care for our sisters and the big days in their lives, including their birthdays.
If your sister’s birthday is approaching and you want to go funny this time, the following blog includes the best ideas for funny gifts for sister. You can’t imagine her reaction when she receives it on her special occasions; she will surely love it very much.
In this list, you will find funny gifts for sister that draw a smile to her face. These gifts are perfect for the sister who loves exotic outfits, makeup, and cooking.

Funny Birthday Gifts For Sister

Are you looking for something special for your sister on her birthday? Here are some funny birthday gifts for sister that will make her happy. I have chosen funny gifts for sister, who loves makeup, fashion, taking selfies, and more.


Funny Gifts For Sister

Sequin Fuel Bottle Bag



It is a trendy and funny bag for every woman. This sequin bag is made of leather. You can present it as a birthday gift for your sister who has different tastes in fashion.

Funny Birthday Gifts For Sister

Pancake Earrings


$10.50 AT ETSY

Earrings are one of the essential accessories for women. These pancake earrings are the strangest among them. They look so funny and different, but the sister who is always hungry will love them.

Funny Birthday Gifts For Sister

Blending Egg Makeup Sponges

Beauty Bakerie

$18.00 AT ULTA

These blending sponges are one of the trick gifts for your sister. She will think that you present her with an egg box. Do a prank for her.

Funny Birthday Gifts For Sister

Manatee Tea Infuser

Genuine Fred


A Manatee tea infuser made of silicone is a special gift for tea lovers. It can be used at home or office and is considered one of the simple and gag gifts for a sister who has everything.

Funny Gifts for Sister

Funny Sister Mug


$13.12 AT ETSY

Your sister will be surprised and loves this funny mug when reading what is on it. It is a word of praise, not for her, but you. “dear sister, you’re so lucky to have me as your sister. Your life would totally suck without me. you’re welcome.”

Funny Birthday Gifts For Sister

Funny Gnome Statue

BigMouth Inc


If your sister is obsessed with selfies and is called the queen of selfies, she will adore this statue. It’s a gag gift that shows how much she loves taking selfies. Invite her to take a selfie together with this funny gnome statue.

Funny Gifts For Sister

Funny Lobster Slippers



These lobster slippers are the best gift for a sister who loves the sea and fish. They are cute, lightweight, and comfortable. She can wear it at the swimming pool, beach, and shower. Let her have fun.

Funny Birthday Gifts For Sister

Mermaid Tail Blanket



If your sister loves sea organisms, gift her this mermaid tail blanket. It is quick heating, sherpa-lined knit, and has a non-slip neck strap. Just make her a pretty mermaid. This unique blanket is a suitable funny gift for a birthday, mothers day, or marriage.

Funny Gifts For Sister

Funny Wooden Sign



“Sometimes Talking To Your Sister Is All The Therapy You Need. Sometimes After Talking To Your Sister You Need Therapy” This funny wooden sign is one of the top gifts for sisters, which you can present to show her how much you love talking to her.

Funny Birthday Gifts For Sister

World’s Okayest Sister Shirt

Crazy Dog T-shirts


Tell your sister how much you love her with this world’s okayest sister shirt. It is a comfortable and soft shirt made of cotton, and you can choose the shirt in her favorite color.

Funny Gifts For Sister

Funny Makeup Bag


“Being My Sister is Really the Only Gift You Need” stylish, practical, and funny makeup bag is a sarcastic gift for your sister. She will remember your absurdity when she receives this gift.

Funny Birthday Gifts For Sister

PopGrip Lips for Phones



If your sister uses lip balm, gift her this popgrip lips for her phone. It is a practical and funny gift because it has lip balm made from natural ingredients and is used to hold your phone easily simultaneously.

Funny Gifts For Sister

Funny Pillow Case for Sister



If your sister loves to sleep consistently, gift her this funny pillow case that will add fun to her room. It is a gift for little sister, who usually creates problems at home.

Funny Birthday Gifts For Sister

Skull Makeup Brush Holder

Wicked Vanity Beauty


If your sister does not prefer anyone to use her makeup brushes, gift her this skull makeup brush holder. She can use it as an organizer for her makeup tools, pens, or plants. It’s a horror gift, but from now, no one will dare to touch her things.

Funny Gifts for Sister

Funny Birthday Card for Sister



Add humor to your gift with this funny birthday card. Personalize it by writing your old fun secrets. Keep her happy for many days to come!

Funny Personalized Gifts For Sister

Funny gifts for sister have a special value in happiness. But what does she think of funny personalized gifts?
Personalized gifts always win, and no one does not love them. Because personalized things always reach the heart quickly and bring distances closer. So, be confident that your sister will love them more.


Funny Personalized Gifts

Personalized Funny Apron


$31.93 AT ETSY

For master chefs, gift them this personalized apron with their photos. It is a unique and funny gift for a birthday, wedding, or mothers day. Make them smile and enjoy cooking.

Funny Gifts For Sister

3D Personalized Face Pillow


$22.99 AT ETSY

With this personalized face pillow, choose the best photo for your sister and make it a funny pillow for her. It is an unforgettable gift and can be used as funny home decor.

Funny Personalized Gifts

Personalized Women’s T shirt

Awkward Styles


T-shirts for sisters are a usual gift, but what if they are funny in your way?
You can personalize this t-shirt with your sister’s photo or some funny words for her. It is made from cotton and printed on the front and back.

Funny Gifts for Sister

Personalized Spoon of Wood


$15.99 AT ETSY

Choose the funniest picture for your sister and surprise her with this extraordinary spoon. It is made of beech wood, which is completely safe for food.

Funny Personalized Gifts

Custom Photo Socks


$21.91 AT ETSY

For weird clothes lovers, present these custom photo socks to impress them. You can custom the socks with your sister’s photo or funny photo for both of you. It is one of the best gag gifts to make her laugh loudly.

Funny Gifts for Sister

Funny Personalized Coasters


$21.70 AT ETSY

If your sister loves the funny office and home decorations, gift her these funny personalized coasters. They are made of wood; you can print her photo in the form of a cartoon character. These coasters are a suitable and funny gift for all occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.

Funny Personalized Gifts

Fully Custom Figurine

Handmade Bobblehead


What can be a better funny gift than this custom figurine? It is a sturdy and long-time figurine made of high-quality polymer clay. Make it a special gift for Christmas, Valentine’s day, weddings, birthdays, engagements, graduations, or other special occasions.


funny gifts for sister

Customizable Film Roll Keychain


$18.75 AT ETSY

Pictures in mind may become fuzzy with time. So this customizable film roll keychain stores memories to stay vivid and sharp forever, to be revisited anytime you want.

In Conclusion,

I hope you have found cool ideas in this list of funny gifts for sister, including funny birthday gifts for sister and funny personalized gifts. Any gift from them will be hilarious for her.


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