15 Funny New Job Gift Ideas for a Workplace Full of Laughter

In the dynamic world of career transitions, landing a new job is a cause for celebration, and what better way to commemorate this achievement than with a dash of humor? Whether you’re welcoming a friend, family member, or colleague into a new professional chapter or simply looking for a unique gift that will leave a lasting impression, we’ve got you covered with our curated list of funny new job gift ideas.

Embarking on a new job adventure can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, and what better antidote to the first-day jitters than a good laugh? Our collection of hilarious and witty gift ideas is designed to add a touch of levity to the often-stressful world of corporate life. These gifts are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of anyone diving headfirst into the world of cubicles and conference calls.

In this blog, we’ll explore a myriad of comical and light-hearted options that cater to various tastes and preferences. Whether your new colleague has a penchant for puns, a love for quirky office décor, or simply enjoys a good laugh, our suggestions cover the spectrum of funny new job gifts that are sure to make the transition into the professional realm a memorable one.

So, join us on this whimsical journey as we unveil a treasure trove of funny new job gift ideas that not only celebrate the accomplishment of securing a new position but also infuse the workplace with laughter and camaraderie. Who says work can’t be fun? Let’s dive into the world of amusing office accessories and uproarious surprises that will transform the mundane into a laughter-filled adventure!

1- The Book of Useless Information

The Book of Useless Information

For that person in your life who always shares the next factoid about anything and everything—or for a fun coffee table book as a thoughtful housewarming gift, they’ll love The Book of Useless Information. This gag gift idea contains 704 pages of random trivia to enjoy in a marathon reading session, or they can keep it in the bathroom to make every moment a learning one.

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2- Toilet Timer

Toilet Timer

For some reason, there are certain people in our lives who seem like they could spend hours in the bathroom. This hilarious toilet timer caps their time on the throne by running a sand timer for five minutes. It sends a pretty clear message, and hopefully, there’ll be more bathroom etiquette too.

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3- Personalized Bobblehead Business Card Holder

Personalized Bobblehead Business Card Holder

Start the new job on the right foot, well, right two feet with a man or woman standing tall. This is the most unique bobblehead you’ll ever see, and the only one guaranteed to make an impression with all passersby. It’ll be off to the C-suite in no time with this 6″ tall bobble buddy to help with sales.

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4- How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question

How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question

From the creator of “The Good Place” and co-creator of “Parks and Recreation,” this book is a hilarious guide for the person in your life who thinks they’re always right. When a book starts off with the question of “Should I punch my friend in the face for no reason?” you know it will be a good one.

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5- This Is My Fancy New Job Notebook

This Is My Fancy New Job Notebook

A girly lined journal notebook for women, makes a great new job and leaving gift

This Is My Fancy New Job Notebook: A girly lined journal notebook for women, makes a great new job and leaving gift

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6- Hilarious Coffee Mug

Hilarious Coffee Mug

A funny coffee mug that will keep them smiling on the first day and even after years. Irrespective of which side they lean on you can’t deny that the words on this mug are encouraging and humorous at the same time.

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7- Crazy and Inappropriate Socks

Crazy and Inappropriate Socks

Funatic Crew Socks are professionally crafted from a perfect blend of 70% ultra-soft cotton for comfort, 28% colorful polyester for eye-catching design & 2% elastic for durability. All Funatic Socks are knit using a 200 needle count, which means our socks are made finer but stronger due to the density of the stitching. We used the highest needle count available to ensure outstanding quality and well-defined details in graphics and design.

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8- Funny Goodbye Keychain

Funny Goodbye Keychain

Funny Farewell Gifts:”Good Luck in Your New Job You Traitor” Keychain.The funny and unique words on the keychain is a meaningful gift for your colleague,best friends who is leaving or anyone you want to say “see you later”.

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9- Send a Custom Congratulations Potato

When you can’t say it with words, say it with tubers. Surprise and confuse your friend by sending them a potato with a personalized message on it. The gift is odd, but it’s completely edible, so if the message is super-secret, they can eat it after reading.

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10- Funny New Job Coffee Glass

Funny New Job Coffee Glass

Is a co-worker leaving your workplace soon? Don’t let them go without surprising them with our goodbye tumbler – a perfect going-away gift for a special colleague.
 With its own gift-ready packaging, this printed coffee-beer glass can also be given as a gift on special occasions like anniversaries, holidays, birthday, christmas, or thanksgiving!

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11- Congratulations New Job Card

Congratulations New Job Card

The card is printed on one side and BLANK ON THE INSIDE to allow you to write your very own message. The unique fun design is printed on a specially sourced and environmentally responsible board. At 360 microns thick and 300gsm the natural white one-sided gloss board has a quality look and feel. Supplied with a coloured gummed envelope to complement the design and ready to be sealed and sent in the post. New job gifts, sorry your leaving gifts, graduation card.

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12- Animal Butt Magnets

Animal Butt Magnets

Hilarious farm animal butt magnets Set of 6 strong magnets Includes horse, rooster, pig, bull, cow and sheep butts Ideal for posting notes and photos on your fridge or other magnetic surface Measures approximately 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.75-inches Shipping Weight 4.00 ounces

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13- funny quitting work journal notebook

funny quitting work journal notebook

Simple blank lined notebook to record all your to do tasks, thoughts, wishes, notes, and more..Each page is undated, allowing you to date the page as needed. It is perfect to keep track of your daily, weekly or monthly chores and responsibilities in a simple, organized manner. this notebook is a perfect companion in everyday life! It is designed to keep all your important things in one secure place and is the best gift for your loved ones !

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14- Funny New Job Throw Pillow

 Good luck in your new job, traitor! Leaving job design for coworker. As a farewell for colleague leaving the team and new job idea for women and men. This Farewell Coworker Leaving Work & Going Away, Quitting Job is designed by Funny Farewell Colleague Ideas & New Job Gifts.

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15- Custom Message Box Of Chocolate

Custom Message Box Of Chocolate

When you’ve just gotten a new job, it feels like the whole world is celebrating with you and this box of chocolates is no exception! It’s full of delicious milk chocolate and well wishes that’ll make the first-day extra special.

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As we wrap up our exploration of funny new job gift ideas, it’s clear that injecting humor into the professional sphere is not only a delightful endeavor but also a powerful means of fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. The gifts we’ve unearthed in this whimsical journey serve as more than just amusing tokens – they are catalysts for camaraderie, conversation starters that bridge the gap between colleagues, and reminders that even in the busiest of workdays, a good laugh can be the best stress-buster.

By embracing the lighthearted side of professional life, these gifts transcend the ordinary, transforming routine into a source of joy. A well-placed humorous desk accessory or a witty mug can be a daily reminder that work doesn’t always have to be serious – it can also be a place of shared laughter, collaboration, and a touch of eccentricity.

So, whether you’re the seasoned professional welcoming a newcomer to the team or the thoughtful friend searching for the perfect gift, consider the impact that a well-chosen, funny new job gift can have. As the recipient unwraps the laughter, they are not only receiving a physical token but also a gesture that says, “Welcome to this journey, and may it be filled with joy and success.”

As we part ways, armed with an arsenal of clever, amusing gifts, let’s not forget the transformative power of humor in the workplace. Let the laughter linger in the conference rooms, echo in the hallways, and resonate through the cubicles, creating a workplace culture that thrives on camaraderie, creativity, and, most importantly, joy. After all, a happy workplace is a productive one, and a shared laugh can be the glue that binds colleagues together on this professional adventure. Cheers to a workplace filled with humor, warmth, and the perfect dose of wit!

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