Funny Office Gifts Ideas: Make Your Work Place Funny

Welcome to the ultimate guide to Funny Office Gifts Ideas, where we explore the delightful world of quirky, humorous, and downright hilarious gifts that can bring joy and laughter to your workplace. Whether you’re looking to surprise a coworker on their birthday, participate in a white elephant gift exchange, or simply inject some fun into the daily grind, our comprehensive guide on Funny Office Gifts Ideas is here to inspire you. From witty desk accessories to comical gadgets, these Funny Office Gifts Ideas are sure to lift spirits and create a more enjoyable work environment.

Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be challenging, but adding a touch of humor can make the process exciting and rewarding. Our extensive selection of Funny Office Gifts Ideas covers a wide range of tastes and personalities, ensuring you find something that will tickle everyone’s funny bone. Whether it’s a hilarious mug that makes morning coffee more enjoyable or a whimsical stress reliever that provides a much-needed break from work, our guide on Funny Office Gifts Ideas has got you covered.

In this blog, we delve into the best Funny Office Gifts Ideas that not only make great conversation starters but also serve as practical items that can be used daily. Imagine the joy of your colleague receiving a quirky pen holder shaped like a unicorn or a sticky note set with witty phrases. These Funny Office Gifts Ideas are designed to bring smiles and laughter, transforming the mundane office routine into something much more entertaining.

So, if you’re ready to bring some humor into your workplace and surprise your coworkers with clever and amusing presents, dive into our collection of Funny Office Gifts Ideas. Whether you’re aiming to foster camaraderie, ease workplace stress, or simply spread a little joy, our guide on Funny Office Gifts Ideas will help you find the perfect gift to brighten up the office atmosphere. Let’s turn every office occasion into an opportunity for laughter and fun with the best Funny Office Gifts Ideas.

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1- Funny Novelty Memo Pads Bundle From Funny Office Gifts Ideas  

$8.99 at amazon

Show solidarity with other members of the rat-race by giving them this scarily accurate pack of notepads for their desk, depicting the various states of mind encountered by office workers on a daily basis. With various scenarios, from “Everything is fine” to “This is my life now” each are accompanied by sad and sorry cartoons.

2- Barwench Games’ Desktop Punch Ball Stress Buster

$18.98 at amazon

We’re pretty sure landing a right hook on an annoying co-worker, or even worse your boss, will get you fired. Take the safe option and stick this Desktop Punch Ball to your workspace – small enough to be neat, sturdy enough to absorb all your stress and irritation. Makes the perfect office gag gift for colleagues.

3- The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit From  Funny Office Gifts Ideas 

$11.00 at amazon

If you must partake in the rat race, make sure you’re armed with the right lingo so you can at least understand what’s going on! The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit will decipher the baloney that bosses and co-workers frequently spout in order to baffle you with BS – a must-have read for you and your colleagues.

4- The Official BS Button From Funny Office Gifts Ideas  

$9.79 at amazon

Do you call BS on a daily basis? Are you surrounded by people who like to ‘embellish’ the truth? Stick this BS button on your desk, or give it as a gift to a co-worker, and every time you hear something that makes your eyebrows lift, bang the button for a loud siren and BS announcement.

5- Someecards Office Mad Libs From Funny Office Gifts Ideas 

$54.46 at amazon

Mad Libs makes gossiping about your colleagues acceptable, because you don’t really know what you’re saying about them! With 21 stories included, you can fill in the blanks and make outrageous tales about who’s been stealing food, and who’s wearing what to the office party. The perfect gag gift for those times when you’re bored.

6- Mini Basketball Hoop for Office

$14.99 at amazon

When the boss is away the cats will play, and this portable basket head is the perfect way to do it. A great gag gift for a co-worker, or for yourself, players can take it in turns wearing the basket on their heads while the others shoot hoops and try to score. Use balls, not paperweights!

7- Funny Office Gifts Ideas Funny Nose Pencil Sharpener

$4.49 at amazon

In every office there is usually at least one annoying person whose nose you would love to shove something up! Pick this nose pencil sharpener as a great office gag gift, and whoever you give it to will be able to take nasal revenge whenever they like, without being arrested. It’s snot a bad idea!

8- Tears of my Staff Mug Is Funny Office Gifts Ideas 

$15.99 at amazon

No-one gets to the top without some blood, sweat, and tears, and while we can’t bring you blood or sweat, we can bring you the rest. This 11oz ceramic mug is covered in teardrops, and the legend “These are the Tears of my Staff” is emblazoned on both sides. A perfect gag gift for bosses.

9- Funny Office Message Flip Book

$13.99 at amazon

You don’t have to say a word or set a message on your Instant Messaging tool when you’ve got this flip book on your desk. People need only look at the option you’ve chosen of the 30 available to know if they should keep walking or stop by to bother you.

10- Hot Dog Stapler

$19.99 at amazon

Red Swinglines are a thing of the past, give the office what it wants with a stapler that’s the shape of a hot dog. You’ll want to take a big ol’ bite out of this hilarious piece of equipment, but it works better if you let it do the chomping and crunch down on your stacks of paper.

11- The Stress Relief Dammit Doll

$16.99 at amazon

When your AE walks around at 4:59pm on the last day of the quarter and tells you that you need work until the close of business PST, don’t punch him, punch the Dammit Doll instead. Or, better yet, slam the colorful doll on your desk and scream obscenities in your head.

12- Countdown To Retirement Clock

$14.99 at amazon

Maybe you just got your first entry-level position, maybe you’re sitting in the C-suite, it doesn’t matter who you are, you’re counting down until you don’t have to come to work every day. This clock measures how long it’ll be ’til that glorious day you turn 65 down to the second.

13- Poppit Stress Sheets

$7.49 at amazon

When you feel like you’re going to explode with rage reach for Poppit, the stress sheets you didn’t know existed. The box is no bigger than a package of travel tissues but will be the reason your stress melts away.

15- Not My Job Funny Stamp

$10.99 at amazon

When someone tries to pass the buck to you pass it right back with this funny stamp. Got a memo on your desk that’s above your paygrade? STAMP! The stamp is self-inking so you don’t need a separate pad and makes it easy to lessen your responsibility load.

16- Desktop Finger Boxing

$9.95 at amazon

Since punching the guy who keeps clipping his nails at his desk is not okay, you need something to take out your frustration in a healthy and legal way. This desktop finger boxing set will have your fingers so swole you might break the space bar off your keyboard when you type.

17- Office Conversation Starter Game

$21.95 at amazon

Break the ice with new employees in a fun way with the Office Conversation Starter Game. The card game has three levels of questions you can ask each other, sorted by “spice level” aka how intense and detailed they are.

18- NPW Original Sound Machine

$18.00 at amazon

This little noisemaker can bring something extra to your meetings going forward. There are 16 small buttons that make noises like a wolf-whistle, a drum-roll, or laughter on demand. Coworkers can bring it to your future team meetings and add a little soundtrack and surprise everyone. The machine is small enough to fit in a pocket and it operates off batteries.

19- Putting Green for the Office

$18.00 at amazon

We’ve all seen the movies where the executives are constantly practicing their putting in their giant corner offices. The good news is that you can purchase a putting green for your coworker so you all can start practicing now from your cubicles. This gift is fun for everyone on the team because it is a great way to get up and stretch your legs during the day and improve your miniature golf game.

20- Jelly Bean Roulette

$8.25 at amazon

Get BeanBoozled by introducing your coworkers to the jelly bean roulette game where you spin the wheel and eat whatever the arrow lands on. You’ll all be laughing hysterically when you watch your coworkers choke down jelly beans that taste like stinky socks, rotten eggs, or even ear wax. You never know if the one you pick up is going to be disgusting or delightful.

21- Mini Foosball Table 

$41.95 at amazon

If you can’t head out for a game, bring the game to your office with this mini foosball table. Play a quick game with the corporate gang in between meetings. Want to win bragging rights? Ditch the football field and try your hand at mini-foosball. This gift idea is a winner and will bring out the competition in everyone.

22- F Bomb Paperweight

$45.00 at uncommongoods

For foul mouthed friends and curse happy colleagues, this F Bomb paperweight really is da bomb. Made from recycled steel, this sculpture is perfect for saying exactly what you want to say, without saying a word. Makes a unique gag gift for office workers, or anyone whose vocab is permanently in the gutter.

23- Yes, I Talk To Myself Mug

$19.95 at etsy

When you need sensible advice, who do you ask? Yourself? Of course you do, because no-one knows you like you do, which is why this mug makes a great gift for yourself or for someone else. Available in either 11oz or 15oz sizes, this mug embraces your inner voices for all the world to see.

24- Emotional Support Coworker Funny Sticker

$3.86 at etsy

Forget having a work wife or work husband, where it’s really at is having an emotional support coworker. Give the teammate you love the most this sticker before taking them out for a delicious lunch where you gossip about the losers in your office.

25- 5 Star Coworker Candle

$14.25 at etsy

Everyone’s after that coveted five-star rating and your coworkers are some of the folks that will appreciate it the most. This charming candle is available in several sizes and has even more delightful aromas.

26- “I Don’t Know, I Just Work Here” Mouse Pad

$14.99 at etsy

Most of your workday is spent in front of a computer. Why not make your colleague’s day with a super cute mouse pad? We love this “I Don’t Know, I Just Work Here” mouse pad from a seller on Etsy. Have a Star Wars fan on your team? They’ll be head-over-heels with this Baby Yoda option. You can upload your own photos too if there is something specific you want on the mouse pad but cannot find.

27- “Things I Want to Say At Work But Can’t” Adult Coloring Book

$6.31 at walmart

If you want to remain gainfully employed, hold your tongue at the office and let ‘er rip when you get home with a little help from this coloring book. It’s got all the snarky, sarcastic, snippy, and sweary things you want to say at work drawn up in pretty flowers and fun designs.

28- “Freak in the Sheets” Funny Mug

$16.25 at etsy

Get wilder than a VLOOKUP with your ex-hook up with a mug made for anyone that pivots tables and demystifies data for a living. This hilarious mug will make even the nerdiest, pocket-protector-wearing accountant feel like a total badass.

29- Send a Custom Thank You Potato

$13.99 at anonymouspotato

Nothing says “thank you” quite like a potato with a message written on it. You may never have thought of it before but from here on out you’ll never send another kind of thank you note. The potato can be inscribed with any message and is available in black marker or colorful marker.

30- 3D Printed Clippy Figurine

$25.00 at etsy

It looks like you’re trying to find your coworker a gift! Anyone that’s been desk jockeying for a while remembers Clippy, the annoying AF mascot of Microsoft word. Have a good laugh at his demise with this 3D printed figurine.

31- Natico Decision Maker

$20.00 at amazon

As a paperweight and a helpful tool to make a tough decision, the Natico Decision Maker is a great gift for that indecisive coworker. While we wouldn’t actually recommend anyone using this to make important choices, it can at least get some conversations started. Spin the wheel and see what the dot lands on. Whether it stops at “pass the buck” or “reorganize”, it might actually help your coworker find the answers they are looking for.

In Conclusion,

As we wrap up our deep dive into the world of Funny Office Gifts Ideas, it’s clear that a touch of humor can transform the workplace atmosphere, making it more enjoyable and less stressful. Our exploration of Funny Office Gifts Ideas has shown that these playful and imaginative gifts can do more than just elicit a chuckle—they can foster camaraderie, spark joy, and create memorable moments among colleagues.

The diverse range of Funny Office Gifts Ideas we’ve discussed includes everything from quirky desk accessories to amusing gadgets, all designed to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Whether you’re planning a holiday gift exchange, celebrating a coworker’s milestone, or just looking to add a bit of levity to the daily grind, our guide to Funny Office Gifts Ideas offers a plethora of options to suit any personality and occasion. These gifts are not only humorous but also practical, ensuring that they will be appreciated and used, adding a fun twist to everyday office life.

Choosing the right gift can sometimes be a challenge, but with our selection of Funny Office Gifts Ideas, you’re equipped to find something that will bring laughter and lightheartedness to your workplace. Remember, the best gifts are those that reflect thoughtfulness and a good sense of humor, showing your colleagues that you appreciate and enjoy their company. From laugh-out-loud novelty items to clever and witty office supplies, our guide on Funny Office Gifts Ideas ensures that you’ll find something perfect for everyone.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through Funny Office Gifts Ideas. We hope you feel inspired and ready to inject some fun into your office with gifts that will be talked about and cherished. Happy gifting, and may your workplace be filled with smiles and laughter thanks to the perfect Funny Office Gifts Ideas!

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