Ayatul Kursi Islamic Wall Art


The Islamic wall art consists of Ayatul Kursi engraved in a gold and silver decorative font. It is a perfect gift for your dear ones that could be a lovely decorative addition to their homes, offices, etc. It blends well with classic interiors because of its stately full-of-detail font and also with modern decor because it is frameless. The stylish wall art is available in different sizes, from medium (26 x 20″) to 3XL (72 x 54″). The Islamic home decor is made from acrylic and MDF for medium-density fiberboard wood with a shiny gold and silver plexy coating. You will receive the Islamic wall art in four to six pieces that can be easily combined, then hung with nails on the wall; a few nails are provided with the piece. To maintain it clean and shiny, wipe it with a dry and soft cloth.