First-Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box

This pregnancy gift box is a perfect gift for future moms, containing wellness set for the well-being of pregnant women in the first trimester of their pregnancy. Pregnancy is a unique experience in the woman’s life, months laden with challenges. On the First trimester, the body goes through serious changes like morning sickness, crazy fatigue, and foods the pregnant cannot handle, making her feel pretty uncomfortable. One way to support your dear pregnant lady is to present to her what assists, physically and mentally, during this strenuous period. The high-quality gift set includes a 4.9-oz Unicorn bath bomb, a bath sponge, morning wellness body wash, three different face masks, belly oil, organic ginger chews, morning wellness tea, and three barf bags for the sickness occurring to pregnant ladies in their first trimester. And there is also a minimalist frame where the dear mom can put the fetus’s ultrasound picture.