Glass Tea Cup with Matching Spoon


OK, this is indeed a unique gift in its beauty, a piece of art. It is a glass tea cup, which sounds normal, but when seeing it, you know why it is unique. Without exaggeration, it could be described as a perfect combination of art and practicality. The transparent glass mug from Kpcuisite features a round body, also available in a more elongated, oval shape. The Flower Teacup is breathtakingly decorated, with a poetic, vibrant 3D design of a butterfly, red roses, and green leaves. The slender handle is another piece of art, formed into a red rose whose stem extends in a graceful bending to form the handle. There is also a spoon whose upper handle is embellished with a rose. The mix of translucent glass and lively colors and design is exceptionally fair and, in other words, magical. It will be your dear one’s favorite teacup and a stunning table or kitchen decor piece.