JHM Sports Socks (for Ages 4 to 16)


The carefully positioned cushions in the sports socks target critical impact zones for greater comfort. Stretch recovery is a feature of the sock to maintain form and enhance fit. Teams love the Athletic Game Socks because they fit so well. These socks are a great option whether you play a sport like football, soccer, softball, baseball, lacrosse, hockey, volleyball, or rugby or if you just want to add some flare to your attire. They are also a great addition to costumes. Additionally, with the elastic upper portion and mild compression, shin guards can be held on without difficulty. These sports socks with a nylon blend are soft, breathable, and thick enough to shield feet from impact. They also offer exceptional comfort and support for the ankle and arch. The sports socks with comfortable stretch for all-day wear help to keep feet dry, cool, and comfortable.