Natural Handmade Coconut Bowls with Spoons


These premium-quality handmade coconut bowls are a perfect gift for those interested in healthy utensils. Made from coconut shells, the bowl (13-15cm wide and 8-9cm high) is durable, long-lasting, organic, and BPA-free, with no chemicals or pesticides interfering with the entire production process. The coco bowls come from the Bên Tre region, Southern Vietnam. For many years, the local farmers were used to burning the coconut shells after harvesting the plant and selling it as coconut by-products such as coconut oil and milk. By utilizing these coconut bowls, you are helping prevent more coconut and tree burning needlessly as waste. There are three sets available that include, alongside the bowels, a hand-carved ebony wooden spoon. And in the twin and quad sets are bamboo straws, straw pouches, and brushes.