Ahari Unlimited Premium Tennis Trainer Set


This dependable tennis training set is the finest option for you since it comes with 3 spare balls that are tied to strong elastic strings in addition to the main ball. Our tournament-class balls are constructed from safe and enduring materials and coated with premium felt manufactured with 60% wool, the highest degree of tennis ball quality. The replacement balls are packaged in an airtight and sealed canister, and our Trainer is a cylinder that fits inside your tennis bag. The black iron base of the Ahari Unlimited Tennis Trainer Set is heavy enough to remain stable on the ground even with the hardest forehands; unlike other cheap plastic baseboards, it doesn’t need to be filled with water and sand before each training session to increase the weight, keeping your hands clean. It also has a non-skid rubber grip at the bottom to promote stability and increase ground contact, making it operate well on most surfaces. The Pro Tennis Rebounder Set, which has been warmly appreciated as a tennis gift by many experienced players, has wear-resistant elastic strings with a bit less elasticity than other brands for a more realistic striking experience.