Professional Hands-Free Binocular Glasses


These binocular glasses are made to free up your hands as you enjoy watching opera, theater, or sporting events like football. Ideal for watching TV at home, opera, concerts, and theatrical performances from the back rows, as well as for bird watching and observing fishing floats. The front of these binocular glasses becomes somewhat heavier than a regular pair of glasses since the binocular lens is mounted on them enabling hands-free operation. Yet, as they are hands-free binoculars, they make a BRILLIANT GIFT for your loved ones. It weighs 0.15 pounds. And its magnification is just 3X, thus it cannot see well as the typical 8X/10X portable binoculars. Yet, it boasts a big exit pupil and excellent definition for sharp, expansive images. The multi-coated green film optics provide you with the most eye fatigue relief possible and brighten, clarify, and offer sharp pictures. Night vision with low light levels is incorporated into the design to help you see in low light.