Newtons Cradle Swinging Pendulum for Home & Office Decor


This swinging pendulum, with its elegant and minimal design, makes a chic decor piece for the home or office. It is also a stress and boredom-relieving tool for adults and kids. The metal balls can last in motion for 20-40 seconds due. Thus, it is handy for a teacher wanting to teach students about momentum conservation and energy. The cradle pendulum is of high quality, made of stainless steel bars and balls with a catchy reflective mirror finish.


Metal pendulum balls for kid and adult relieving Stress, boredom and ADHD autism. Balance balls can last perpetual motion for 20-40 seconds due. There are many ways to play, such as one balls rise up in one side, then let if fall down, or two, or each 2 side rise up.