Personalized Wooden Serving Tray Set (4 Styles)


The stylish, durable, handmade, personalized, wooden serving tray is made from bamboo, allowing serving food and drinks with style. The premium-quality tray set, whether the charcuterie planks or beer flights, has round depressions, square in the sooner to hold the charcuterie, snacks, pickles, etc., and round in the latter to hold glasses stably while carrying and serving. The wooden serving tray set is available in four different sizes, the charcuterie planks (8″ x 16″, 12″ x 22″) and the beer flights (6″x 18″, and 8″ x 18″). To ensure the maximum benefit, check if the beer flights’ opening sizes (2.75″ and 2″) fit those of your glasses’ bases. There are also offered sets with slight discounts.