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Drink & Food For Gifts

Hard choice became easy with this handpicked collection of drinks & food for gifts for everyone on any occasion. Pick delicious drinks and food gifts now. Enjoy..

You may ask, what can I present as a gift? So we have chosen one of the silly gifts you can’t resist laughing at it. Send this potato face with a face painted on it to the person you want to gift him/her. You can’t imagine how he will react when he receives this gift.

You can joke by giving this hand-painted toilet coffee mug made of ceramic as a weird gift for a birthday. Anyone will love this gift which can be used at home or in the office.

Experience significant enthusiasm when you present this energy superfood parfait collection as a gift to friends, family, and loved ones.

Are you buying a gift for a porridge lover? This kit has a very long shelf life so would be a great gift. Discovery porridge breakfast box packed with 6 handy porridge pots.

Blending the highest quality Aromatic spices and herbs, these spice blends are both traditional and nontraditional with dual purposes.

Gluten free vegan sweets assortment for Christmas, Nothing says Christmas like a cake, curated with strawberries, almonds, beetroot and love

A beautiful, custom engraved, solid bamboo cutting board or chopping block with optional matching set of 4 coasters and kitchen spoon and spatula gift set.

A miniature version scallop bowl, This size is perfect for holding small things. Use it in the kitchen as a salt cellar or pinch bowl; on your table to hold condiments.

A gift from the ocean, One of a kind coasters made from sea shells encased in crystal clear resin. The shells are real, These coasters are durable and long lasting and have a sky blue and white background.

This handmade pizza cutter adds style to pizza nights. It comes in two variations: 1. Symmetrical, A two-handed style pizza cutter.

A very unique gift on charismas, Christmas hamper box which includes: Candy cane, Christmas card, Christmas hamper box, Christmas tree décor wooden nutcracker.

Send a chocolatey gift that they’re sure to love, Especially when it has a message on it. A delicious Cadbury dairy milk chocolate bar wrapped in a sleeve, wishing them Happy Anniversary.

Amazing couple gift box, Enjoy with What's in the box with, 2 x mugs, 2 x hot chocolate, 2 x pack of biscuits, 2 x bag of marshmallows, 2 x love heart sweets.

Gourmet gift basket perfect as an anniversary basket for couples, a congratulations gift basket, college care package, or a corporate gift basket.

This sugar free beef jerky keto snacks box is free from harmful nitrates and full of rich protein and healthy fat. Easy serving packaging makes each piece an easy post workout or mid day snack.

🟤This is the Perfect Manly Man’s Gift or as a Gift for Hard to Shop For People. This 20 piece snack sticks gift contains venison, elk, buffalo, and wild boar stick along with garlic & herb, sea salt & cracked pepper, teriyaki, barbecue, jalapeno, bacon, pineapple Pork, and turkey.

🟤 Gift basket for families, dried healthy fruit basket, 100% Natural, vegetarian, no artificial flavor. This makes it the perfect man gift box set, corporate & anniversary gift.

Grilling spices make a great housewarming gift for everyone, four most loved grill mates seasonings together in one set. Easily add bold flavor to steaks, burgers, chicken and more on your grill.

🔴 Sweet and salty snacks gift basket, includes a 6 quart Reusable snack bin carefully packed full of the best and most loved snacks on the market. 

🔹Ultimate gift basket, Naturally smoked summer sausage, and 100% wisconsin cheese, crackers, pretzels and mustard. It makes the perfect gift on holidays and ppq parties.

🔹Lotus caramelized biscuit cookies, Unique caramel flavor and crisp texture makes these the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee, Comes in a box dispenser that is perfect for reception or break areas.

🔹Experience the best of the british tea drinking tradition with the three exclusive blends in the britannia collection. Including three variety flavors, 3 count box of 0.88 ounce tin.

🟡Ideal snack box package for any occasion gifts, college dorms, parties, events, offices, trips, holidays, care package and more.

🟡Dried fruit gift, Candy is dandy, but plums are wholesome. Skip the chocolates and offer your friends and loved ones a healthy snack. They’ll love you for it. Makes the perfect gift for friends, family and corporate business.

🔘Eastern european snacks mix box, Each box contain any combination of the following: candy, cookies, chocolates, wafers, biscuits, pretzels, and more.

🔹 Small turkish delight box and great turkish snacks.This box is a sneak peak into what turkish Munchies has to offer. Turkish snacks are among the most popular international snacks in the globe. 

🔹 Send a tea gift set to convey your warmest wishes with this perfectly presented tea lovers gifts box.

🟣keto ice cream is created with natural sweeteners like allulose, monk fruit, stevia, sweet fiber, birch sugar, and erythritol. With a rich, super creamy texture, this light ice cream will blow your mind. Pick yours in delicious Butter Pecan, Vanilla and Strawberry flavor.

🔴Mrs. Fields nibblers bite sized cookies basket feature 5 signature flavors: semi-sweet chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin walnut, cinnamon sugar, triple chocolate & white Chocolate macadamia nut.

Twelve delicious gourmet chocolate covered sandwich cookies in 12 decadent flavors, bakery fresh, ribbon wrapped, and ready to gift for anyone who loves cupcakes, donuts, desserts, and edible chocolates.

🎁Get to indulge your favorite snacks and bars. Our superfood snack box consists of a variety of sweet and salty flavors. They are well packed for better convenience while snacking with friends and family.

The snack bar box contains a variety of snacks and bars to satisfy any type of craving.Perfect for college, office meetings, hospitals, military, staff rooms, trips.

◾Variety pack includes: 4 cups of Tostitos Nacho Cheese Dip, 8 bags of Tostitos Crispy Rounds Tortilla Chips, and 4 cups of Tostitos Medium Salsa. make it the perfect gift for many occasions.

Christian-themed gift baskets are a great gift idea that feature two Christian-themed coffee mugs and coffees because let's face it, everything really is better with coffee.

🎁40 pieces of yummy japanese snacks including candy, ramune, chocolate, gum, gummies, jelly, chips.

The Ethel M. Chocolates 32-piece classic Collection is filled with a wonderful assortment of customers' Favorite pieces, assuring you that no matter who this gift is for, They'll find a new favorite.

🔹Spread the joy with this gourmet assortment snacks filled with gourmet cookies, crackers and much more, perfect as an anniversary basket for couples, a congratulations gift basket, college care package, or a corporate gift basket.

🟤Enthrall everyone on your holiday gift list with this elevated assortment of crunchy chocolate cookies , flaky pastries enveloped in a thick, luscious coating of fine dark chocolate. 

🔹 Ramune japanese soda variety pack is the most popular soda in japan , flavors include, original blueberry , orange , strawberry , melon soda .🔹 Very fun to open and drink.

◾Assortment box 30 pcs of Japanese famous snacks candy chosen by TONOSAMA, king of Japanese sweet candy. Suitable for birthday party , christmas gift, valentine and many more.

🔹 This 40 count snack box includes a mix of sweet, salty, savory, and healthy snacks. Best essential brands of chips, cookies, candies, bars, crackers.

🟢Give your body the perfect cup of tea that nourishes and tastes amazing. All of tea drops are fair trade, organic, and kosher certified with 15% less waste than traditional tea bags.

🔴This care package and goodies box is filled with snacks to make for the perfect gift. send it to a college student away from home or it's great for the kids at home.

🟢Unique gift, includes 20 sample size cocktail mixer that you can mix and match, 25 mL in each. enjoy tropical relax with a blue hawaiian, pina colada, tropical painkiller, singapore sling or mai thai.

🔴A Snacks care package that is perfect to take a variety of snacks on the go to lunch events, picnics and outing events.

🟨Perfect snacks to ave fun in your funny days, Indulge in sweet, spicy, and salty flavors of cookies, chips, and candy. We have selectively picked a wide variety of flavors to ensure that you get an ultimate snacking experience.

🔘 Very delicious baked snacks,12 count box of .93-ounce fun sized bags of combos variety pack fun size baked snacks.

🎁 Whether you’re looking for a gift, snack box for adults, care packages for college students, a snack variety pack for kids, or simply a crave box to treat yourself, this Snack Box Variety Pack will do the trick. it is a present to delight the whole family.

🔸 Fun ways to enjoy natural sweet potato, try toasting in the oven to enhance the sweetness and crispy texture. Chop it and top it on your salad, icre cream and more!🔸 Good family snack, every family member likes this sweet potato snack in common! It is healthy and soft texture snack.

◾ For lovers of iced drinks, there is a nice kit contains 5 food Frappuccino in a cute organza gift bag. ◾ It will include 1 of each of the 5 flavors mocha, coffee, black tea, vanilla, and matcha.

🔸 After hours playing in the snow, reach for this hot cocoa mix with mini marshmallows, as a delicious treat for kids and a moment of relaxation for moms. It have the flavor that brings delight with every sip.

🟠 Enjoy a variety of hand-made Mrs. Fields 60 nibblers bite-sized cookies in our 5 signature flavors, semi-sweet chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin walnut, cinnamon sugar, triple chocolate & white chocolate macadamia nut.

🟠 Movie night gourmet popcorn kit is a perfect gift for friends, foodie, or keep it all for yourself. 🟠 Contains 9 backets of non-gmo, organic popcorn kernels, 3 flavors (real butter, white cheddar, parmesan & rosemary).

🔘 Our flowering teas make any tea time a delight. Simply pour hot water over your organic tea to watch your blossoms grow. 🔘 Organic tea leaves are handsewn around flowers. This elegant gift box contains 6 flowering teas and one high temperature resistant, dishwasher safe borosilicate glass teapot.

🟤 Gift basket is filled with sugar cookies that are guaranteed to bring a smile from ear to ear. 🟤 Grandma cookies are handmade and freshly baked in state of art bakery, so you'll always get a batch of the freshest, best-tasting cookies on the planet. You've been warned, it's hard to eat just one!

Grow your plant all year-round.. This organic mushroom growing kit allows you to grow your own crop all-year round. Just place the box near a window with indirect light, mist twice a day, and you'll see delicious, beautiful mushrooms growing within a week.

Red Bull energy drink is gluten-free, and appreciated worldwide by top athletes, busy professionals, college students, and travelers on long journeys. Red Bull energy drink is a special formula that contains ingredients of high-quality caffeine, taurine, and some b-group.

Be strong with this muscle milk, 40 grams of protein per serving to help support muscle rebuilding, growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Excellent source of 20 vitamins and minerals, vitamin D and calcium for strong bones.

Indulge your loved ones with this ultimate gift box of beautiful popping hazel and creme chocolate covered wafers have a delicious combination of flavors and textures.

🟠 High protein healthy snack variety box, filled with all of your favorite snack time munchies, that delivery the protein punch you are looking for! 🟠 The box includes a balanced mix of delicious and nutritious healthy high protein treats from premium brands. Includes a tote bag!

🔸 Indulge in a touch of sweetness with this cold brew coffee from Mexico. Vanilla & cinnamon enhance this cold-brew coffee, perfectly contained in a palm-sized can. 🔸 Rise above the daily grind with High Brew, the perfect grab & go coffee in a can for a boost you can drink whenever and wherever.

👌 Give this impressive gourmet coffee gift box filled with a selection of our best and most indulgent roasts and flavored coffee to coffee lovers. 👌Taste the flavor without the guilt! Our 100% arabica flavored coffees are hand flavored after roasting.

Are you craving some Korean, Japanese, Chinese, or Taiwanese snacks? This K-Munchies Asian snacks box has 17 assorted individually wrapped potato chips, corn crisps, ramen, candies, and cookies all in one package.

◾ Keep your diet packed with good source of protein of Beef Jerky. It keeps you satisfied and energized all day, and it’s never been easier to get protein than with Jack Link’s beef jerky variety pack. ◾ Made with 100% premium beef, it is 94% fat free with no added MSG.

Live the spirit of adventure with Mike’s hot honey. We’ve added more heat to our original easy pour 10oz bottle, but kept the sweet to remain true to our quality and balance of flavor. The balance of sweetness and heat adds a perfect kick, to just about any food without overwhelming it.

⚡ ORS elecrtolyte powder "medically-recognized" is an optimal way to treat dehydration. As provides faster dehydration relief than sports and pediatric drinks. It’s 99% less expensive than an IV. ⚡ Great for dehydration caused by illness, workout, travel& heat exahustion.

◾Enjoy the taste of nature with 45 sachets of incredible organic herbal teas selected from the Pukka range to give you a peaceful moment.◾Enjoy the flavors of (Tulsi Clarity - Night Time - Love - Relax - Chamomile Vanilla and Manuka Honey).

🔹Back to school great gifts for kids who love lollipops, for a sweet back to school , and classroom treasure box prizes!🔹Bulk candy Box: 18 Count candy box contains 6 Ring Pop, 4 Push Pop, 4 Baby Bottle Pop and 4 Juicy Drop Lollipops!

40 Count of your favorite Frito-Lay snacks, snack package perfect for any snacking occasion and great as a care package for a loved one. Conveniently wrapped in individual servings,  so that you can eat it on the go or share with friends and family.

🔸 Quality high protein healthy snack box, include protein bars, biscuits, granola mixes, nuts, and more. Perfect on-the-go travel packs and nutritious snacks.

🔸This frosty chocolate cake will be the perfect token of love and best wishes to your dear ones. This delicious round cake is covered with yummy chocolate frosting, which makes it absolutely delectable in taste.

🔹If you need an iced drink at once, in less than 60 seconds, the instant beverage cooler achieves your desire. Small and easy to carry and movement, don't give it up on your trip.

Modern Innovation For Proof Chefs: Smart and long range meat thermometer.. To ensure perfect results in the cooking process, and accurate test for meals.

🤎 Delicious package of silky milk hot chocolate with marshmallow, works to calm young people before bed. It also has a pleasant taste for adults.

🔵 Delicious breakfast cereal for kids, made of cotton candy. Children prefer and loved it. Added to it sweet nutritional supplements, that resemble cotton candy.

🔴 Especially candy spoons are fun surprise for cute kids. They used to stir hot chocolate and ice cream. Every package contains 6 mint flavored spoons.

🟠 Prefect premium gourmet hot sauce roulette game, try If You Dare! Play with your friends and family, test your luck by rotating the arrow and savoring the hot sauce it indicates.

ENERGY YOU NEED.. Nutritious spicy natural peanut butter with habanero pepper (13 Ounces). The perfect protein-packed healthy snack, make it your healthy choice.

Adorable delicious spread hazelnut Nutella jar, from cocoa. 88 Ounce - 64 per case. Enjoy eating chocolate Nutellaو that is loved all over the world. Be sure that it will give you a special happiness.

Delicious chocolate brownie cookies of homemade memories. Baked with love to transport you to your happy place with every bite. Great for snacks

🟫 The hottest chocolate bar (possibly dangerous) in the world, made with 9 million SHU. 🟫 You may find that just a bite is enough to satisfy your need for a good burn.

🔺 For admirer of spicy food.. Flamin' hot flavored Doritos.. The original nacho cheese is now hot. 🔺 Single Serve Bags are perfect for taking just the right amount of spicy flavor on trips and picnics.

Vegan chocolate brownie bars with 36 essential nutrients, and probiotics for digestive health. Each square is packed with flavors you'll love, so you don't have to substitute the taste for the nutrition.<

🔹 Whether you want a little caffeine, or you just want a simple reminder that you can do whatever you put in your mind, Bob Ross energy drink do this simply. 🔹 These drink is supposed to be a part of your life.

🔴 The best flavors are formulated in a krispy kreme candy, inspired by the irresistible taste, smooth candy, melt-in-your-mouth. 🔴 Five delicious flavors, including: the original, strawberry iced..

Swiss chocolate box made with the highest quality ingredients. Gourmet chocolates includes a classy collection of elegant European chocolates made with exquisite milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate.

🔸 6 Soda pops bottles with 6 different delicious flavors, 100% authentic taste, made in the USA. 🔸 Unique gourmet drinks are made to taste just like popular foods, like sweet corn!

🔸 15 Types of dried and frozen fruits, retain their maximum nutritional value, because of freezing fresh products as quickly as possible after harvest.

Non-GMO, no added sugar, vegan, fat free & organic freeze-dried strawberries.. Great snack in today’s busy world, it’s important to be prepared with sensible snacks to help us get though the day.

🟥 The original party python! It contains coils and coils of good gummy! Our Gummy artisans have made this gigantic crawler with vibrant scales, a detailed face, and a muscular 26.9lbs. Your guests will be talking about this one-of-a-kind centerpiece.

🍋 Zero calorie, naturally flavored & preservative-free fruit drops bottles from sodastream, ideal for healthy lifestyle. 🍋 Add fruit drops to refreshing sparkling water, for a light and delicious fruity feel.

🟥 Always fresh, always delicious.. Irresistible fruit cabbage of strawberry, watermelon and cherry candy. 🟥 Have you tried the unexpected juice burst of bold fruit flavor inside every candy? Treat yourself by it.

🟨 Festively presented and artfully decorated fruits & crunchy nuts box, for holidays and evenings. 🟨 The finest box of fresh roasted nuts, it is characterized by a large size, for all the family.

Gift basket of dried fruits and nuts, containing (almonds, walnuts.. The box wrapped with a high-end black & gold ribbon, that will definitely impress your gift recipient.

ate covered nuts cookies, 20 gourmet varieties of sandwich biscuit desserts, inside handcrafted decorated gift box.<

🔸 The iconic & original Al Bohsali Baklava mix with Pistachio Al Bohsali layer by layer, of secret family recipes and knowledge that have been passed down through generations.🔸 No preservatives, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors.

◾ Gourmet Sympathy Condolences food gift basket with card, for the one who loss of a loved one, are consolation gifts that you can send to families, friends, men and women.

Ultimate gift for meat lovers.. Five different gourmet samples of Italian meat. It uses a sweet and delicate blend of spices, that really allow the amazing flavor of the meat to shine through.

Yummy mixture peanut butter & jelly, rich in nutritional supplements, healthy and nutritious, loved by adults and children. Spread it on toast, and enjoy your delicious snack.

Topterone jumbo chocolate, would take weeks to consume! Share the largest chocolate with your special people, and enjoy its smoothie taste in your mouth, from milky chocolate bar made with creamy Swiss milk.