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Smart Gifts

The hard choice became easy with this handpicked collection of smart gifts for everyone on any occasion. Pick now the most distinctive smart gifts for him, her, kids, and more. Enjoy.

The temperature-control smart mug keeps the drinks at the perfect temperature for up to 80 minutes. The brand’s user-friendly app allows you to set the desired temperature between 120°F - 145°F with your smartphone and keep it charged with the redesigned coaster. Additionally, the mug is functional without connection to the app; it will remember the last used temperature. The smart device also senses when to turn on and off.

The self-cleaning water bottle cleans itself at the touch of a button that intelligently activates the process every two hours, keeping the bottle fresh and stink-free. The USB rechargeable battery maintains self-cleaning for up to a month on a full charge. Its double-wall and insulated feature allows keeping water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Besides, the bottle looks elegant with its award-winning Design.

The foldable Wireless Charging Stand is a convenient hub that does not occupy much space with which you can charge smart gadgets. The charging stand is compatible with many devices, including the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods, and it can charge up to three devices in the meantime. The foldable, rotated device has four adjustable angles to meet different uses. For example, you can place it horizontally to watch movies while charging or vertically for video chats.

Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projectorenables you to enjoy watching favorite shows and movies with the epic scale of the cinema. You can take the mobile mini projector with you anywhere and enjoy watching. Besides, the projector is compatible with iOS, Android, PC, Xbox, PS4, TV Stick, HDMI, and USB.

Funny banana phone Bluetooth headset, which features making calls and playing music. In addition, it can be used for 10-hour talk and recharged via USB. It is an unusual gift for making funny calls.

This Unique Velvet Covered box and special Quran is an elegant gift for couples as brides and grooms.

This hammock chair is perfect for drinking coffee, reading, watching TV or simply chillin. It is ideal as a decoration in your house.

The easiest way to create a romantic ambiance, stained glass geometric candle holder is best items to use.

Islamic wall art and home décor, There are nothing better than this unique gift, give it to your loved ones to save them in their whole life.

The triple dock is a minimalist charging station handcrafted from solid wood. This versatile dock keeps your iPhone, Airpods & Apple watch securely in place and easily locatable.

This multifunction bedside lamp can be used as a led night light, wireless charger, cell phone holder and Bluetooth speaker.

Bedside lamp with sleep mode steeples dimming, Wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker and desk lamp are combined in Light of Tree.

Turn your home or backyard into a laser tag arena with the ArmoGear laser tag guns & vests.

Enjoy music wired, Wireless Headset, The on ear headphones with micwireless works with almost all tablets, smartphones (such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mobile, android cell phone etc.)

The 19-Watt mug is a smart warmer for use with Coffee, tea, milk, hot cocoa, or your candle wax, With a built-in gravity induction switch with indicator light.

Ember bright mug allows you to control your smartphone. Intelligently senses when to turn on and off. Functional without connection to the app and will remember the last used temperature.

This is not just a traditional digital picture frame that you can only import photos by USB, but also by email or smartphone app photo.

◾Massage chair with 42 fatigue relieving air bags provide a relieving massage for your legs, thighs, feet, hips, shoulders, hands, and arms while promoting better blood circulation throughout your body.

🎁Smart pet camera with treat dispenser is equipped with 1080P HD video, with infrared night vision that can reach up to 26 feet. You can record videos and even take pictures of your pets.

🔹Blue mini fridge Cool up to 32°F (18°C) below ambient temperature, or keep warm up to 150°F (66°C). Special gift for events or parties or even campaign.

Handmade optical crystal plaque retirement appreciation gift with substantial weight. Deep etch engraving with a depth you can feel, and hand-painted colors make the product more appealing than it already is.

🥑 Create endless craft cocktails in the cocktail machine. No need to measure or pour. Just insert a cocktail capsule into your Bartesian drink mixer machine, select your preferred strength and press mix. Have a nice drink.

🔹 Philips Norelco multigroom series mens grooming kit, trimmer for beard, head, body, and face (23 piece). 🔹 This unique kit is reinforced with ultra-strong fiberglass material, to prevent bending and twisting, ensuring an even trim every time.

🔵 Encourages babies to better sleep with Hatch Baby rest sound machine & night light, it is easy-to-use. 🔵 Control from your phone and customize color, brightness, and volume. Set programs to turn off and on automatically based on your family's sleep schedule.

Garmin luxury durable rugged watch with gps, heart rate monitoring, features glonass and galileo, and 3-axis compass. It builted to withstand the toughest environments.<

✔ One scale, Unlimited uses.. FITINDEX bluetooth smart wireless body fat digital scale for water, BMI, BMR, muscle mass. ✔ It is not only displays your body weight, but also syncs data with your app.

Lintelek unisex fitness smart tracker watch. It is accurately record all-day activities such as steps, distance, calories burned, active time and sleep status After exercise you can view the sports data report in the app.<

🔹 Foot pedal exerciser with digital monitor for track time, speed, calories, and distance, is a space-saving exercise machine. It moves your legs in a forward motion, and the prevents slipping during use. 🔹 This elliptical is excellent for increasing blood circulation..

🔸 No oil, no smoke, no mess.. Now with two tier food steamer with stackable baskets for vegetables or meats, rice/grains tray, features auto shut off & boil dry protection, you can fast cooking healthy and delicious food. Just set the timer and watch it cook.

🔸 Hamilton sandwich maker, great for back to school gifts! It cooks up your breakfast, lunch or dinner pancake with eggs and vegetables in just minutes. Perfect for a quick healthy brunch or meal on the go.

❄Yonanas original healthy fruit maker turns 100% frozen fruit into a dessert in seconds, by simply inserting a frozen banana or any fruit into this appliance, and pressing down with the plunger to get the desert. Easy and fun making ice cream or smoothie drinks.

Transform any room in your home on demand, by installing these stunning color-changing light canvas panels kit. The base station can act as a hub for up to 1,000 touch-sensitive panels, that can be color-changed with a simple click.

◾ You can now own a USB killer pro kit , that destroys anything in its path. ◾ Once this USB flash drive is plugged in, it will quickly charge its capacitors from the USB power source and then discharge it, permanently deactivating an unprotected device.

✔Give some attention and comfort to your loved one, by this electric deep 4D kneading nech and shoulder massager for tissue and muscles. It replaces the therapist wherever go..

Warm and cool lunar lamp make a special romantic atmosphere, and help in relaxation and meditation. ECO-materials: The moon night light is made by 3D technology with materials(PLA).

Hello! Where are you? Always with you. Your talks has no end, and his voice spread pleasure usually, keep this walky talky toy with you, and don’t leave each other. Features: Child Safe Design & Safe Materials, Clear Sound..

🔹 Smart watch equipped with a camera, games, calculator and other multiple functions, that make it an ideal and fun gift for kids with 3-8 year. It gives them to take selfies throughout the day, and record fun videos for them..

The dream became reality with luxury star projector.. Now you can lie on the sofa or on your bed and see 6,000 clear and glittering light stars in the sky of your balcony or room.

Trendy adjustable selfie ring light stand with phone holder. Infinite lighting angle to take pictures in all directions, with precise angles and unparalleled lighting.

Multi-color LCD touch screen 3D printer has won a large percentage of consumers' confidence in this area. The printer is completely encapsulated to ensure the maximum print rate.

Web camera featured by capturing amazing photos with high resolution of 20 mega pixels and 30% longer battery life. Rear camera with touch zoom works on quick control and supports live broadcast.

⚡ The Amazing and dvanced wall scanner, use the latest technology to detect what is inside walls, wooden nails and wires inside walls easly and without any trouble. It works on all dry walls.

Warm Desk LED lamp.. This innovative magnetic balance lamp works with an easy ball key. Use it as a soft light in room, and office, so you can sleep, think or work deeply.

◾ Increases your lasting vitality with practical and effective percussive massager device. Use it for back, hands, legs, shoulder and neck. Enjoy a massage session now inside your home.

◾ Comfortable handheld vacuums.. An amazing invention with high technologies to clean cars and furnitures without any noise. It leaves surfaces smooth and shiny.

Modern Innovation For Proof Chefs: Smart and long range meat thermometer.. To ensure perfect results in the cooking process, and accurate test for meals.

Show your beauty and take finest pictures for your makeup, with this professional Hollywood touch makeup mirror with three light modes, equipped with USB and smart control.<

🔹Wherever you go, victory will follow you. Mobile gamepad with ergonomic and flexible design, for a comfortable grip. Get fun and entertain for long gaming sessions, without any fatigue.

🔹 RGB LED smart two-wheel scooter, is an electric skateboarding device. Get the pleasure of riding it, the adults love it before kids. It will soon become a personal transport vehicle.

◾ Attractive car racing bed with pillows and a mattress sufficient for two kids. ◾ The bed featured by LED lighting, engine sound and 4 ribbed wheels, that your twin will love so much.

Entertaining in leisure time with Rubik's cube puzzle that gives rise to the challenge of the winner, who will be able to solve the puzzle and arrange the cube correctly.

Sleep deeply, thinking without distraction with original cozy headphones. It helps to calm and relax, it is not cause any leakage of sound, so it is wonderful for travelling.

Let your kids move and run anywhere safely to a healthier life, with smart waterproof tracker. Kids spend less time charging & more time moving. Its syncing range is up to 6 meters.

Amazing robot ball for kids from the age of 8 years and up. This robotic ball allows you to drive, play, code, Edu app, and learn programming. It takes them to the world of technological creativity.

◾ Needful, high quality material, smooth polish and protective finishing organizer table stand for men. In which you can carry all your basic tools, that are scattered here and there.

Every moment, I get to know my benefit well.. Ultra-fast virtual reality headset with second-generation graphics, for immersive entertainment. Gamers love it.

Now every thing you hear, is unheard of.. Water resistant Apple airPods pro, ultra-light in-ear, easy to set up with all of your Apple devices.

🟡 Nostalgia popcorn cart.. Ideal for party supplies. 🟡 Enjoy popcorn in your free time, whether it is movie time or snack time, this unit pops up to 32 cups of movie theater-style popcorn per batch.

The only product you’ll need, the BPA free air fryer is versatile product functions as rotisserie oven and dehydrator, perfect for nearly any cooking task. Extra large family size, it is thoughtfully designed with the whole family in mind.

In just five minutes, the bubble waffle is ready to eat. The waffler with power indicator light, come with recipe guide, to make (chocolate bubble waffle banana split, breakfast waffles, waffle cones and waffle crepes) easily.

🔸 Automatic ice cream maker.. Produces 1-1 / 2 liters of ice cream in just 20 minutes. No chemicals, salt or ice required. 🔸 The handle makes the ice cream rotate, like an original soft serve machine.

Cook in minutes, to make waffle, that are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, with the amazing non-stick waffle maker. Built-in waffle tongs to lift, remove and serve.

◾ Lifetime strong power cordless electric pruning, its blades are very sharp and durable, which makes it easy to cut hard branches without any damage. ◾ Brushless motor provides more torque, more power..

🍀 Premium quality & environmentally compliant indoor vertical hydroponic growing system, with LED grow lights & fan, to grow lettuce, herbs, veggies & fruits. 🍀 Growing your own food smart and eat healthy at home.

▪ Sunlight is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle, so our full size phototherapy lamp with adjustable brightness giving you an unique experience just like you. ▪ Bright light therapy improves sleep, boosts mood..

Professional fishing camera for deep sea and its amazing and diverse creatures. The Camera features with mobile app integration to share your shoots. Full hd video with night vision green leds for deep water and night fishing.

so coffee. Self-heating and automatic pumping travel espresso machine for you, you can enjoy espresso coffee anywhere.

gital smart control panel and electronic temperature control. ❄ Can also be remotely managed via free Bluetooth app.

Brightest waterproof powerful flashlight with OLED display and built-in cooling tools and 9 modes. Luxury gift for camping and adventurers. Sturdy and durable torch, designed to be virtually indestructible.<

Electronic relief for insect stings, FDA-cleared and dermatologist-tested, fast symptom relief, reduce pain and swelling, no odor or residue, FSA/HSA eligible.

More power, more cores.. 8-Core,16GB RAM gaming laptop feature compact and thin design, which provide maximum performance and comfort for user, with 4K OLED touch display delivers blazing fast 1ms response time..

Handheld Nintendo gaming for every member of the family. Features a sleek, unibody design, with fully integrated controls and a built-in plus control pad.

There are no interruptions or breaks from playing games, because of the power outage anymore.. The gaming mice & cloth charges while playing...

🔹 Large capacity, water resistant & durable practical business laptob backpack, made of strong nylon for daily use. 🔹 It accommodates your clothes, laptop and essentials with many pockets inside and outside.

Apple swim proof touchscreen smart watch, with many features, optical heart sensor, stores music, fitness tracker. Share the activity with friends via apple watch, and start the competitions. You can use Walkie-Talkie and make phone calls.

Hear everything from the lightest footsteps, to the loudest explosion of thunder with this gaming headset, thanks to the custom-tuned 50mm high-density neodymium. Constructed for enduring comfort through long gaming sessions, with breathable fabric.

◾ Immerse yourself in virtual worlds and battlefields created with lightweight and comfortable SAMSUNG headset & 2 controllers, you’ll forget you’re wearing it. ◾ Talk to friends and move freely, surrounded by vivid graphics and 360-degree spatial sound.

🟣 Style up your home decor with color accents or set up fun light colors for your next party with smart bulb. 🟣 You can control up to 50 smart lights throughout your home (even outdoors).

Get fun and play with your friends both north American games and Japanese super Nintendo games, with 16-bit entertainment system (no games included, not SNES MINI)...

Unique decent durable metal material, slim body design HDMI selector switch full HD/3D, compatible with DVD, projector, computer, Bluray player, AV receiver, some streaming media players, some game consoles..

The iconic SEGA mini console, that defined a generation of gaming revenue in a compact console. The console is loaded with 40 legendary games and is ready to plug and play right out of the box! Games will be announced in four waves of 10 matches.

Play your way with bestseller nintendo switch with neon blue and neon red joy‑con. Whether you’re at home or on the go, solo or with friends, the Nintendo Switch system is designed to fit your life. Enjoy HD gaming.

🔹 Rhythm edition smarter kit turns your favorite songs into a dancing symphony of color and light. Create the perfect ambiance anywhere, with your unique design. 🔹 Let your imagination run free, and build your design to stand out or blend in room style.

Multipurpose leather gaming chair, can be used to play video games, watch movies and TV, listen to music, read and relax. The chair feature by additional vibration motors, keeping you comfortable and entertained for hours.

◾ Quickly laminator machine works with any 3ml or 5ml bag. It works with 2 heat settings: 3ml (best for regular documents, photos, and card stock) and 5ml (best for thinner papers).

◾ For those looking for an easy-to-use home or office label maker, the P touch machine should be on your wish list. It makes it easy to create great looking labels for your home and office. You can quickly access fonts, icons, frames, and templates.

🟧 Multi setting, adjustable speed electric foot massager with remote control, for relaxing and refreshing. It helps stimulate blood circulation and recharge and re-energize your legs and feet.

Charge your Apple or Android smartphone 1-2 times on the go with high cell capacity 5200mAh candy bar-sized power bank. You can even charge an iPad mini 3 to about 70%!

◾ Thinnest lightest kindle paperwhite yet, with a sleek, modern design, so you can read comfortably for hours without any fatique. ◾ It features water resistant and a glare-free 300ppi screen, which helps you reading like real paper even in bright sunlight.

Ultimate durable and safe telescopic lamp made of top-grade carbon fiber and LED materials, for camping, fishing, travelling and party. Easy to carry and store, comes with a storage bag, where you can put all the accessories easily.

Bpa-Free double-wall steel insulated hydration bottle, keeps liquids hot or cold for hours, holds (500ml). The speaker's internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge.

Grill lighted & fan for barbecue. Dual axial fans cool workspace, blowing smoke away from the chef's eyes and face. Fans and light have separate on/off switches, and rotate independently for optimal positioning. Ideal for BBQ tools.

Happy picnic! Cook foods and take them on the road with an ideal traveling slow cooker. Presto Nomad 8-quart Traveling Slow Cooker Rugged, wide-profile "picnic cooler-style" with cool-touch housing prevents tip-overs when traveling.

🟦 Portable trip refrigerator with detachable partition design, or remove the partition, to be a complete space inside. 🟦 Just like a home refrigerator! Unlike other types that can only serve chilled drinks, it provides 12 Temperature control range from 0°F to 50°F.

Weather resistant grill LED pack of 2, batteries included. Ultra bright features 9 high intensity LED lights. It provides a very bright, glare-free wide beam to illuminate your cooking area, so you don't have any problems cooking at any time of the day.

High accuracy, wide temperature range digital thermometer, it is a safe thermometer with high precision stainless steel food sensor and oven/grill temperature probe, to monitor both food and ambient temperature simultaneously.

◾ Whether you’re an aspiring photo enthusiast, or someone looking to capture those amazing family moments, the Canon EOS Rebel SL3 digital touch screen camera can be the perfect companion.

🔘 Curtain light comes with 8 different lighting modes that can be easily controlled by easy controller. It is great for most outdoor and indoor styles, put it anywhere you like, and enjoy your new atmosphere.

High gloss finish air fryer with 15 recipe book inspiration guide. 7 Functions including, pressure cooking, air crisp frying, steaming, toasting baking, slow cooking, yoghurt, and sear frying. It is crunchy ceramic coated, non-stick, dishwasher safe.

🔘 Apple airPods combine smart design, advanced technology, and crystal clear sound. Powered by a headphone chip, AirPods now feature hands-free access to Siri, using just your voice.