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Glass Hummingbird Feeders With 5 Feeding Ports


◾ Cute glass hummingbird feeder with hanging metal handle and 5 flower feeding ports, for garden yard decoration. ◾ This feeder allows hungry hummingbirds to sit and feed at the same time.

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Ceramic Hand-Painted Galaxy Blue Bird Bath


🔵 Bird bath designed for beauty and strength, hand-painted porcelain in a rich, glazed finish and oven-set for classic, shiny beauty. Place it in the yard garden.

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Handheld Tingler Scalp Massagers For Deep Relaxation (2 Pack)


🟣 Relaxing scalp massagers not just for the scalp, gently massage pressure points and sensitive nerves on the scalp, knees, ankles and elbows. Promote blood circulation, relax stressed muscles, eliminate stress and fatigue throughout the day.

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Baby, Toddler & Pet Multi-Function Digital Scale With Hold Function


◼ The best way to monitor your child growth is baby, toddler & pet scale for high precision measurement. ◼ It provide accurate and stable readings, baby scale measures from 0.1 lb to 100 kg, toddler scale helps ensure your child is getting the right amount of food or no.

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Telescoping Extendable Metal Back Scratcher With Rubber Handles


🔹 The extendable metal scratcher for manual back massager makes it easier and more convenient, for you to scratch your body whether it is the arm or the back. 🔹 It helps eliminate the pressure, anxiety, and boredom. It is a useful and super fun gadget.

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Welsh Corgi Notepad With Unique Die Cut Paw Shaped Sticky Notes


🔹 For pets lovers, welsh corgi notepad. Designed for your convenience, these uniquely shaped notepads are always close at hand for your to-do list and all your quick reminders. There are 50 sheets measuring 5 by 4.7 inches in each paw shaped notepad.

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My Critter Catcher Spider and Insect Catcher (Pack of 2)


✔ Safely catch and remove, roaches, scorpions, and more with 100% eco-friendly and chemical-free spider and insect catcher. ✔ Patented design keeps you and the insect safe. No direct contact with the bug and no mess.

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Personalized Photo Night Light 3D Crystal Lamp With Custom Engraving Text


🔸 This personalized photo crystal Lamp with 3 color changing is an innovative artistic atmosphere light, 3D visual impact. It sure will impress your guests, when they walking in the room. Glamorous for home decoration.

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Pooping Pooches White Elephant Gag Calendar Gift


◾ Do you know someone who loves dogs too much? This 12 month calendar of pooping pooches will be the most memorable gift you give this year. ◾ Talk about a gift, that keeps on giving, each month reveals yet another beautiful pooch answering nature's call.

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Window Bird Feeder With 3 Strong Suction Cups & Seed Tray


◾ Enjoy the beauty of wild birds, without the need for binoculars! Window bird feeder with drain holes, provides that. It attracts birds directly to your window.

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Charcoal Companion Dog Corn Holders (8 Pcs)


🟤 Get fun of eating corn with dog corn holders, perfect gift for dachshund lovers. 4 Sets made of polyresin, with stainless steel prongs to securely hold the corn. Protects fingers from hot corn.

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