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Acrylic Newtons Cradle, Metal Balance Balls


◾Metal pendulum balls for kid and adult relieving Stress, boredom and ADHD autism. Balance balls can last perpetual motion for 20-40 seconds due.

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New Tactical Pen With LED Tactical Flashlight


✔️Feel safe with this self defense tool in your pocket: Safeguard against attackers in emergency situations with this Kubotan Style Pen. ✔️Multitool cool pen, and has stood up well to the rigors of daily use.

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Classic Hand Carved Rosewood Nose-Shaped Eyewear Holder


🟤Beauty & Utility home decor and eyewear & eyeglass holder is a unique and exotic piece. 🟤Wooden crafting by gifted artisans, it is a wonderfull and funnny decor on your table.

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Stress Relief And Sculpture Decor Desk Toy


◾Playing it to releases the stress out of you, and get the entertainment when you are busy at work. ◾Fidget toy: It is therapeutic for older kids and adults with aspergers. ◾Creative & Intelligence Development Toy..

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Novelty Silicone Holder For Pens & Pencils


🔴Amusing and unique red silicone desk top stationery holder in the shape of 'Dead Fred'. 🔴An unusual, horror and funny gift for your friend at the office, school, classroom, college, university or home.

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Vintage Nautical Leather Notebook With Retro Pendants


⚓For travel and adventures lovers, distinctively designed notebook, which will help you in drawing mind maps, writeing notes, diary planner, coupon organizer, photo album and so on.

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Selfie Ring Light Stand With Tripod And Phone Holder


💡 Trendy adjustable selfie ring light stand with phone holder. Infinite lighting angle to take pictures in all directions, with precise angles and unparalleled lighting.

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Premium Leather Handmade Authentic Notebook Set


🔸 Your mind is an unlimited vessel for creative expression, note them in this vintage leather handmade notebook with inspirational quotes. Versatile refillable journal for artistic.

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Industrial Robot Retro Style Bronze Lamp


💡 Antique steampunk table robot lamp in the form of water pipes with fluorescent LED lighting, which can be adjusted freely. It can give your room the glam touch you needed.

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Contemporary Soft USB Powered LED Lamp


💡 Warm Desk LED lamp.. This innovative magnetic balance lamp works with an easy ball key. Use it as a soft light in room, and office, so you can sleep, think or work deeply.

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LED Tactical Flashlight Pen – Survival Gear


◾ Versatile stainless steel survival gear tactical pen.. Includes an LED lamp, a bottle opener, a window breaker and a glass cutter. Practical pen for your prof.

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Grandma’s Chocolate Brownie Cookies, 2.5 Ounce (Pack of 60)


🟤 Delicious chocolate brownie cookies of homemade memories. Baked with love to transport you to your happy place with every bite. Great for snacks.

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Funny Novelty Tape Dispenser With Pen Holder


🔸 You spend a lot of time on your desk, but every element is public and seems to blend into the background. 🔸 The amusing pen holder is bright and will catch the attention of anyone passing.

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Bonsai Tree Seed Plant Growing Kit With Wood Gift Box


🌳 Mini bonsai seed kit, for planting and growing therapy bonsai plant. 🌳 The kit include, 4 types of seeds, potting soil, pots, pruning shears scissor tool and plant markers with elegant wooden gift box.

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Indoor Medicinal Herbal Lavender Tea Seed Garden Kit


🍀 Inspiring indoor seed garden kit for offices and kids, to easily grow your own herbal tea, lavender, chamomile, lemon balm and mint or medicinal herb garden in your kitchen window, windowsill, balcony or patio.

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Happy Light Full-Size – UV-Free Therapy Lamp (10,000 Lux)


▪ Sunlight is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle, so our full size phototherapy lamp with adjustable brightness giving you an unique experience just like you. ▪ Bright light therapy improves sleep, boosts mood..

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Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Gaming Mice & Cloth


▪ There are no interruptions or breaks from playing games, because of the power outage anymore.. The gaming mice & cloth charges while playing.

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Marvel Avengers Massage Ergonomic Gaming Office Chair


◾ The perfect office gaming chair with footrest reclining for you, after a long hard day to relax your back with some massage, through the double vibration of the lumbar pillow. ◾ 3D adjustable armrests.

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Fingerless Compression Gloves Support The Hands


◾ No more pain with fingerless filled with copper gloves, they help in rapid recovery and pain relief. ◾ Copper works to relieve pain from hands pressure, suitable for children and adults.

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Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses Anti Glare UV


🔹 Ultra-lightweight and flexible TR90 nylon frame blue light blocking glasses, for clearer and more accurate vision, with comfortable long-term wear. 🔹 Casual frame design keeps you looking professional and stylish.

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Amazon Basics 9-Inch Thermal Laminator Machine


◾ Quickly laminator machine works with any 3ml or 5ml bag. It works with 2 heat settings: 3ml (best for regular documents, photos, and card stock) and 5ml (best for thinner papers).

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Luxurious Weekly & Monthly A5 Organizer Planner


🔸 Stop procrastinating and start turning your big dreams into reality, with premium edition planner. 🔸 It will help you create a vision for your life, define your goals in all areas of your life, and incorporate these goals into your monthly, weekly, and daily agenda.

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One-Touch Keys Easy-to-Use Label Maker With Multiple Fonts


◾ For those looking for an easy-to-use home or office label maker, the P touch machine should be on your wish list. It makes it easy to create great looking labels for your home and office. You can quickly access fonts, icons, frames, and templates.

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Latest Bamboo Bathtub Tray & Bed Laptop Desk With Foldable Legs


High-quality bathtub tray, features a first-class antique zen design with elegant wood finish, which has made this product become an exquisite furniture that will fill your space.

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