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Daddy & Mommy Est 2021 Funny Socks


◾ Daddy & mommy est 2021 premium funny socks, made of 80% soft cotton. They are comfortable, stretchy and breathable. ◾ At the arch of the foot these socks have proper compression to protect your stability when walking, jogging and running.

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Mom & Dad Est 2021 Mug Set With Onesie & Baby Socks, Greeting Card


🔘 Mom & dad est 2021 mug set with greeting card, great idea for new parents gifts, and pregnancy gifts. The box also includes a new baby welcome kit (onesie & baby socks), made of high-quality materials, soft and breathable and no harm to your baby's skin.

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Funny Personalized Unisex Socks With Picture


◾ Funny long high quality personalized socks, for unexpected gifts. You can print a picture for your friend or family, and happily wear it.

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Baby Monthly Milestone Chalkboard – First Year Calendar


◾ To document each month and milestone as your baby grows, get the first year calendar board, for perfectly photographs for family, scrapbooks. ◾ Includes an empty space to fill in the age, height, weight, things the baby likes, number of teeth and favorite food.

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Baby Handprint & Footprint Kit With Picture Frame Keepsake


🟡 An imprint in our heart.. Baby footprint ornament kit with date & name stamp is a vivid reminder to new parents and grandparents of baby’s size and date. 🟡 Wall decoration as well as a standing frame, suitable for any place in your sweet home.

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3-in-1 Universal Diaper Bag – Portable Bassinet Crib


🟨 Unisex baby diaper bag with 4 main zippered pockets, bassinet crib and changing station, the ideal gift for new parents. With it your baby can lie down and sleep safely anywhere you go, specially at traveling.

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New Parents Holding Their Baby Hand-Painted Sculpture


🔘 New parents & baby resin standing sculpture. The New mom is in a cream dress, new dad is in a cream shirt and dark pant and the baby is in onesies. 🔘 Beautiful gift to celebrate new beginnings, new family, new baby..

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Joovy Kooper Lightweight Compact Fold Stroller With Tray


🟢 Lightweight stroller with adjustable full-featured UPF 50 canopy, and the largest wheels, which means a smooth ride and easy one-handed pushing. Very easy one hand fold. 🟢 The Kooper is great for traveling, with limited cargo space.

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bakjuno Baby Boy Clothes Set With Fun Words


🔴 High quality & soft baby boy deer clothes set with buttons, which are designed for easy diaper changing. Wears easily and comfortably. 🔴 Suitable for christmas party, pageant, photo shoot or any occasion.

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We’re Pregnant! The First Time Dad’s Pregnancy Handbook


🟨 The essential guide for new parents, First Time Dad's Pregnancy Handbook. Being a great dad for the first time means participating in the experience with empathy and trust. 🟨 From pregnancy basics, to designing a birth plan, to tips on helping and supporting your partner.

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LEVOIT Natural Himalayan Salt Pink Rock Lamp – Large Crystal


🔸 Handmade himalayan salt rock touch dimmer lamp with 2 extra bulbs and stainless steel base. 🔸 This night light when lit, it radiates a warm, amber glow. Certain to brighten up your mood and create a more romantic atmosphere for your room.

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