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FITINDEX Bluetooth Smart Wireless BMI Body Fat Scale


✔ One scale, Unlimited uses.. FITINDEX bluetooth smart wireless body fat digital scale for water, BMI, BMR, muscle mass. ✔ It is not only displays your body weight, but also syncs data with your app.

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Lintelek Fitness Smart Tracker Watch With Heart Rate Monitor


🔹 Lintelek unisex fitness smart tracker watch. It is accurately record all-day activities such as steps, distance, calories burned, active time and sleep status After exercise you can view the sports data report in the app.

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Nanoleaf Lights Canvas Touch Starter Kit


◾ Transform any room in your home on demand, by installing these stunning color-changing light canvas panels kit. ◾ The base station can act as a hub for up to 1,000 touch-sensitive panels, that can be color-changed with a simple click.

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USB Killer Pro Kit – Standard (Micro Usb, Usb Type C)


◾ You can now own USB killer flash drive pro kit, that destroys anything in its path. ◾ Once this armed USB stick is plugged in, it will quickly charge its capacitors from the USB power source and then discharge it, permanently deactivating any unprotected device.

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Smart HD Dual Camera Watch Toys For Kids


🔹 Smart watch equipped with a camera, games, calculator and other multiple functions, that make it an ideal and fun gift for kids with 3-8 year. It gives them to take selfies throughout the day, and record fun videos for them..

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Homestar Satin Black Planetarium Star Flux Projector


🌟 The dream became reality with luxury star projector.. Now you can lie on the sofa or on your bed and see 6,000 clear and glittering light stars in the sky of your balcony or room.

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Advanced Wall Scanner For Smartphones


⚡ The Amazing and dvanced wall scanner, use the latest technology to detect what is inside walls, wooden nails and wires inside walls easly and without any trouble. It works on all dry walls.

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Contemporary Soft USB Powered LED Lamp


💡 Warm Desk LED lamp.. This innovative magnetic balance lamp works with an easy ball key. Use it as a soft light in room, and office, so you can sleep, think or work deeply.

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Handheld Vacuums Cordless For Effortless Cleaning


◾ Comfortable handheld vacuums.. An amazing invention with high technologies to clean cars and furnitures without any noise. It leaves surfaces smooth and shiny.

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Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer With Bluetooth


◾ Modern Innovation For Proff Chefs: Smart and long range meat thermometer.. To ensure perfect results in the cooking process, and accurate test for meals.

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Smart Touch Large Makeup Mirror With Lights


💡 Show your beauty and take finest pictures for your makeup, with this professional hollywood touch makeup mirror with three light modes, equipped with USB and smart control.

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Mobile Game Controller / Gamepad For Android USB-C


🔹Wherever you go, victory will follow you. Mobile gamepad with ergonomic and flexible design, for a comfortable grip. Get fun and entertain for long gaming sessions, without any fatigue.

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Electric Self Balancing Scooter – Roller Skates Hovershoes


🔹 RGB LED smart two-wheel scooter, is an electric skateboarding device. Get the pleasure of riding it, the adults love it before kids. It will soon become a personal transport vehicle.

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Twin LED Headlights Race Car Bed For Kids


◾ Attractive car racing bed with pillows and a mattress sufficient for two kids. ◾ The bed featured by LED lighting, engine sound and 4 ribbed wheels, that your twin will love so much.

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Connected Electronic Bluetooth Rubik’s Cube Puzzle


◾ Entertaining in leisure time with rubik's cube puzzle that gives rise to the challenge of the winner, who will be able to solve the puzzle and arrange the cube correctly.

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Ace 2 Activity Tracker Band – New Innovation For Kids


🔹 Let your kids move and run anywhere safely to a healthier life, with smart waterproof tracker. Kids spend less time charging & more time moving. Its syncing range is up to 6 meters.

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App-Enabled Programmable Robot Ball – Educational Toy


🔹 Amazing robot ball for kids from the age of 8 years and up. This robotic ball allows you to drive, play, code, edu app and learn programming. It takes them to the world of technological creativity.

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Phone, Wallet Wood Organizer Stand With Wireless Charging Pad


◾ Needful, high quality material, smooth polish and protective finishing organizer table stand for men. In which you can carry all your basic tools, that are scattered here and there.

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Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset (64 GB)


◾ Every moment, I get to know my benefit well.. Ultra-fast virtual reality headset with second-generation graphics, for immersive entertainment. Gamers love it.

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Apple White Wireless Quick access AirPods Pro


◾ Now every thing you hear, is unheard of.. Water resistant Apple airPods pro, ultra-light in-ear, easy to set up with all of your Apple devices.

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27 Plant Vertical Hydroponics Indoor Growing System


🍀 Premium quality & environmentally compliant indoor vertical hydroponic growing system, with LED grow lights & fan, to grow lettuce, herbs, veggies & fruits. 🍀 Growing your own food smart and eat healthy at home.

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Happy Light Full-Size – UV-Free Therapy Lamp (10,000 Lux)


▪ Sunlight is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle, so our full size phototherapy lamp with adjustable brightness giving you an unique experience just like you. ▪ Bright light therapy improves sleep, boosts mood..

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LiONCooler Fridge & Freezer With Solar/AC/Car Rechargeable Battery


❄ New Innovation solar fridge & freezer with digital smart control panel and electronic temperature control. ❄ Can also be remotely managed via free bluetooth app.

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Brightest Flashlight 100,000 Lumens For Up to 1350 Meters


🔹 Brightest waterproof powerfull flashlight with OLED display and built-in cooling tools and 9 modes. Luxury gift for campaign and adventurers. 🔹 Sturdy and durable torch, designed to be virtually indestructible.

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