Joseph Joseph LockBlock Stainless Steel Knife Set


Most children who wouldn’t be able to release the blades in a LockBlock stainless steel knife set also appear to be too small to reach the knives in a typical knife block placed back on the kitchen tabletop. So, Joseph Joseph’s suggestion to include a child-proof mechanism in a knife block is still a really excellent one. Even better, the LockBlock’s grip is strengthened when you pull on a knife while not depressing one of its side-release buttons. So that you might take pleasure in the ensuing annoyance and prankish characteristics of someone who is unfamiliar with the LockBlock, such as your friend Cornelius or your mother, trying to grasp a knife and failing to liberate it from its holder’s jaws. The LockBlock release button must be depressed forcefully in order to activate, and Joseph Joseph adds that due to its placement, only a person with an adult-sized hand can exert the necessary leverage and force. Since you pressed the button to remove the knives, you are still protecting them from curious children and Donald Trump’s hands.