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Fitness Gifts

Shop and choose the best fitness gifts ideas , from a lot of handpicked gifts . Find unique fitness lover gifts , fitness gifts for her , fitness gifts for men , and more. Enjoy..


🔹The Perfect Healthy Gift, Staying hydrated is critical during pregnancy.a reusable water bottle is the perfect acessory to help keep that mom to be hydrated!🔹BPA- free bottle comes in a gift box making it an easy addition to a pregnancy gift boxes, an essentials gift basket, or a fun gift to celebrate the baby bump! Our cute and funny sayings will make any future mother smile!


🔴 VTech sit-to-stand interactive learning walker with removable play board, for babies from 9m to 3y. 🔴 The early learning center has 5 piano keys, that play music and encourage creativity. Wheels work on hard, carpeted floors.


🔸 Stretch overworked and strained muscles of the leg, arms, and feet by foam rolling during your warm up and cool downs. Deep tissue massager provides instant benefit for muscle and myofascial trigger point release.


🟢 Drink & exercise.. Dumbbell shape water bottle with unique design, for gym, yoga, running. It provides the recommended daily amount of water with a capacity of 2.2 liters. Enough water to stay hydrated before and after exercise.


◾ Perfect pushup elite stand for home gym. It is designed to rotate slightly and engage more muscles, increasing strength and definition in arms, shoulders, chest, back and stomach. ◾ The ergonomic handles help distribute the weight evenly, reducing pressure points..


🔹 Foot pedal exerciser with digital monitor for track time, speed, calories, and distance, is a space-saving exercise machine. It moves your legs in a forward motion, and the prevents slipping during use. 🔹 This elliptical is excellent for increasing blood circulation..


✔Hand lettering set provide to your little every resource he/she need to master the hand lettering art form. Just help him/her opening up the activity book to dive in! .. Practice makes perfect!


🟢Easy Fun.. This golf course can bring you a lot of pleasure and fun with exquisite golf models shape design. Fun for desktop putting..


◾Portable Pocket Toy amuses kids and adults, without making the table disorderly. Easy to play, yet challenging to master, fun for kids and adults of all skill levels. Enjoy the game and love your family.


🔴Get rid of your excess nervousness, and your negative energy, and empty it all in this trendy boxing bag. It is small and nice enough to fit your office. 🔴Take stress busting to a new level with this desktop punching.


◾Playing it to releases the stress out of you, and get the entertainment when you are busy at work. ◾Fidget toy: It is therapeutic for older kids and adults with aspergers. ◾Creative & Intelligence Development Toy..


🔹To instill a love of learning on little genius from the ages of 3-5 years, here are 6 different ways to learn with simplified mathematical and educational methods.


◾ Premium designed ski kick scooter equipped with attractive LED lighting.. To enjoy skiing away from the hassle of the day, and enjoy your hobby at night. Great for young and old.


🔹 Multicolor adjustable running / cycling vest (tracer 360) with 6 different very bright lights to make you appear clearly visible to the vehicle drivers, so walk around and run safely.


🟡 Fun disc toss game played on the beach, squares and back gardens, it brings joyful atmosphere to all the family. The game rules are simple, easy to learn, but hard to master.


🟡 Get fun with your family or your friends with handcrafted arcade game from birch wood, cherry and grass resistant to different weather factors. Its engineering design allows it to be easly folded.


🔹 Comfortable and practical 3D thick play mat for kids. Easy to clean, and excellent quality made of non-toxic dyes, does not cause any allergies.


◾ The Excitement and fun rocket wheels set, that you can play through smart devices with your friends, sisters or brothers. Compete against other players to achieve the victory.


🔸 Spacious indoor tree castle, for more fun for your kids. perfect for hiding while playing. Unique and accurately designed with windows and a door to ventilation and enter the sun.


🔺 Classic skateboard for fun and excitement running for kids and adults. It featuring pivot wheels with angle of 360 degrees, for easy, flexibility and speed movement.


🐘 Elephant party water sprinkler for exciting and fun summer. Let your children have a fun day under the sun and enjoy playing under the water. 🐘 Great for pool parties.


🔸 Hero Vision game.. Iron Man Set allow childrens to open their horizons of adventure, and the love of playing the characters of the Heroes. It sends inside them strength and courage.


🔷 New experience for change and relaxation away from the crowds of the home. Inflatable tent for kids is ready to use in a few minutes. It does not need any pillows or furniture.


🔵 Enjoy funny and safety with durable human bumper ball, to maintain fitness and activity. It needs walking, jogging and running movements. Great for family games and trips.