Celebrate in Style: 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Turning 70 Mug 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

1- Turning 70 Mug

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Surprise your father, grandpa, great grandpa,,,, with a unique and cool gift for 70th birthday. A 70th birthday mug is not only a great way to celebrate this special milestone, but it’s also a gift that they’ll use and appreciate every day.

Novelty Golf Ball 3 Pack

2- Novelty Golf Ball 3 Pack

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HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY GOLF BALL 3 PACK – The Perfect Gift for the Golf Enthusiast in Your Life. Our High Quality Packaging Makes These Golf Balls Extremely Giftable! The Display Window on the Package is Open So You Can Ensure that the Awesome Logo can be Seen as Soon as the Gift is Opened.

70th Birthday Silver Coin 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

3- 70th Birthday Silver Coin

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The silver coin is perfect for the coin collector or the person who likes to keep small, sentimental gifts close to heart. It is handmade from quality materials with silver-plated metal and is available for purchase at just over $10. Words inscribed on the coin include “Happy Birthday” on one side and all the ways 70 years are measured in time on the other side. Measurements include years, months, days, minutes, etc.

70th Birthday Card

4- 70th Birthday Card

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This jumbo 70th card is filled with interesting facts from 1953. It has an antiqued paper background just like those vintage newspapers. You can grab one as a unique birthday or anniversary gift for your recipients. They are gonna love this!

Signing Board Guest Book 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

5- Signing Board Guest Book

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This print is an alternative to a guest book or group birthday card and can be signed with notes from each party guest to create a lasting memory of your Seventieth birthday celebration.

Styling Leather Dopp

6- Styling Leather Dopp

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A Dopp kit is a perfect gift for 70-year-old man who travels frequently. These best gifts can hold all of their toiletries, and it is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear that comes with frequent travel. A Dopp kit is an excellent gift idea to ensure they remember everything when packing their bags!

Glass Plaque Keepsake 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

7- Glass Plaque Keepsake

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When you are looking for a 70th birthday gift for a man or women you love, respect or appreciate (parents, grandparents, friends, couples, brothers, etc.), this glass plaque gift with a special birthday quote will be a great choice, make him or her feel loved and respected

Funny 70th Birthday T-Shirt

8- Funny 70th Birthday T-Shirt

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Funny 70th birthday idea for men and women turning 70 year old, So happy i’m 70 humorous gag design for 70th birthdays. So happy i’m seventy 70th birthday clothing for 70 years old dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, nana, papa to celebrate seventieth bday, Awesome for someone born in 1952

70th Birthday Socks 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

9- 70th Birthday Socks

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These novelty adult socks are a great gift for any birthday! I’m not 60 I’m 18 with 42 years experience. printed on the sole of the socks with high quality vinyl.

Men's Gift Set

10- Men’s Gift Set

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Compared with other men’s gift baskets, our box design is more delicate and creative, and the product contains more products. This gift box contains a variety of products, you don’t need to assemble it yourself, reducing your time of picking and assembling, the exquisite gift box is suitable for any man.

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