Unveiling Coolness: Cool Gifts for Couples

1- Baloo Weighted Blanket

Baloo Weighted Blanket Cool Gifts for Couples

Watching TV together is a big part of coupledom, and with the colder months fast approaching, blankets will be in high demand. Baloo soft weighted comforter is made of high quality, breathable cotton for maximum comfort and safety. Baloo is the ONLY quilted weighted comforter made with 100% cotton — free from polyester & synthetic liners — for cool, natural sleep.

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2- The New York Times Best of the Week Series: Wednesday Crosswords

The New York Times Best of the Week Series Wednesday Crosswords

Anyone with intimate knowledge of the New York Times crossword puzzle knows that Wednesdays are challenging — but not too challenging — which makes this a perfect gift if you’re not quite sure whether your favorite couple does their crosswords in pen or pencil.

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3- YU6 Powered Speakers

YU6 Powered Speakers Cool Gifts for Couples

Copy editor Lief Nielsen told us that one of his favorite couples gifts came from his wife, who gifted him these speakers that work with both his decades-old turntable and (via Bluetooth) his Spotify account. “My old Denon turntable (and records) had been sitting around for two decades, and now I play them all the time,” he says.

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4- Aloe Vera Indoor Plant

Aloe Vera Indoor Plant

A low-maintenance Aloe Vera plant not only looks nice but purifies the air, too. This one comes pre-planted in a 4-inch ceramic planter; choose between black and gold or white and silver. And if you’re worried about ordering a plant online, don’t be. This one has hundreds of positive reviews, like this one: “This was the best thing I have ordered on Amazon. They are beautiful and came packaged very, very securely.”

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5- Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock Cool Gifts for Couples

A hammock has the power to make you feel adventurous even when you’re just going to your own backyard. This selection from Wise Owl comes in 15 color combinations and two sizes (medium or large). It’s made of the same parachute nylon that skydivers use and has five separate loops for custom height and width adjustment. No knots needed!

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6- National Parks Travel Map

National Parks Travel Map

Couples can document their adventures on this handmade map. Measuring 10 inches tall and 16.5 inches wide, this wooden map shows every National Park in the U.S. It comes with corresponding cutout green trees that they can proudly place on the map once they’ve visited the park. Gifting experiences is also a way to make lifelong memories. “My boyfriend and I received this map as a gift last Christmas to celebrate our quest to visit every National Park,” says Senior Shopping Editor Megan Mowery. “It’s been so fun and gratifying to mark each trip with a tree—plus, this map is high-quality and stylish, so we’re proud to display it in our home.”

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7- The Ultimate Date Night Game for Couples

The Ultimate Date Night Game for Couples Cool Gifts for Couples

Would you rather stare at your phones all evening or play this fun card game for couples? Liven up any date night with 250 “Would You Rather?” questions that suit you and your partner’s mood—from frisky and silly to adventurous and philosophical!

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8- Bonsai Starter Kit

Bonsai Starter Kit

If the couple you’re buying for fancy themselves ace gardeners, gift them this bonsai starter set. Even if they don’t necessarily possess green fingers, this kit is a great gift for budding gardeners as it’s accessible enough for beginners to grasp – and perhaps they’ll fall into a new, relaxing hobby they’ll come to love. It includes four types of seeds, four burlap growing pots, four plant markers, an expanding-soil disc, bonsai clippers and an instruction booklet.

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9- Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set Cool Gifts for Couples

A list of the best gifts for couples wouldn’t be complete without at least one of the best gifts for people in long-distance relationships. These touch bracelets make a unique and loving gift that’ll leave the couple feeling close, even if they’re miles apart. With just one tap in the connected app, their partner will feel a vibration, also known as a bond touch, from their bracelet. Plus, the bracelets are waterproof, so whether you’re in the shower or at work, you never have to go a second without it.

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10- Bamboo Charging Station Organizer for Multiple Devices

Bamboo Charging Station Organizer for Multiple Devices Cool Gifts for Couples

When you become a couple, everything gets doubled, including the number of charging cables. Eliminate the clutter with this compact station that has plenty of space for literally all of the devices, including AirPods, tablets, phones, and watches.

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11- 2 Pack Kitchen Cooking Aprons

2 Pack Kitchen Cooking Aprons

These matching aprons may be food adjacent, but they’re not actual food, so we’re throwing them on the list. The contrasting prints are gender neutral, so each partner can choose the one that suits them and their style.

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12- Polaroid Originals 2nd Generation I-Type Instant Film Camera

Polaroid Originals 2nd Generation I-Type Instant Film Camera Cool Gifts for Couples

The Polaroid camera may have been around for a few decades, but we’re big fans of the original instant film device. Give it to your couple friends on a special occasion and watch them commemorate it with their brand-new present.

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13- Abstract Couple Sculptures for Home Decor

Abstract Couple Sculptures for Home Decor

These may look like heavy-duty marble statues, but they’re actually made of highly durable resin, so there’s no need to be too precious with them. That said, they’re sculptures, so you may not want to throw them around too much. We love that they’re clearly hugging even though they don’t have arms.

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14- Boska Ceramic Fondue Pot Set

Boska Ceramic Fondue Pot Set Cool Gifts for Couples

For the couple knows everything tastes better dipped in cheese, a fondue set makes for a fun gift and activity. They can use it for dipping all sorts of snacks in cheese or try melting chocolate for a fun dessert.

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15- The Kissing Mugs

The Kissing Mugs

Celebrate being a part of a pair with these porcelain mugs that fit together like you fit with your favorite person. Each mug in the set of two looks like a friendly face. When the mugs touch, their lips kiss and the handles form a heart shape. Use them the next time you’re enjoying a hot drink with your special someone (and go ahead and give your love a smooch when they ask if you’d like a refill).

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16- Willow Hamper Picnic Basket for 2

Willow Hamper Picnic Basket for 2 Cool Gifts for Couples

picnic basket comes with an insulated compartment. you can use it to create a hot or cold area inside your basket. you don’t want your perishable foods to enter the temperature danger zone while you travel. if you like to bring mayonnaise or meat-based dishes on your trips then an insulated picnic basket could be ideal for you.

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17- MASINGO Professional Karaoke Machine

MASINGO Professional Karaoke Machine

It’s a magic sing-along for every fiesta on the best karaoke machine for adults and kids! Why get just a karaoke machine with screen or merely a karaoke machine with 2 microphones or only a karaoke machine with bluetooth? Get all of these plus a fully-functional, 32 GB bluetooth karaoke tablet! Auto installed apps (or your favorite downloads) provide the full video karaoke display experience.

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