Funny Gifts for Mom: Make Your Mom Laugh

As Mother’s Day approaches, many of us are on the hunt for the perfect gift to show our love and appreciation for the amazing moms in our lives.

While traditional gifts like flowers, chocolates, and jewelry are always appreciated, why not add a little humor to your Mother’s Day gift-giving this year with some funny gifts for mom?

Not only will a funny gift bring a smile to your mom’s face, but it will also show her that you put some thought into finding something unique and memorable.

And with so many options available, there’s a funny gift out there for every type of mom, whether she’s a wine lover, a coffee addict, a bookworm, or a fan of quirky home decor. From hilarious coffee mugs to witty kitchen towels to playful socks, funny gifts for mom are a great way to add some lighthearted fun to your Mother’s Day celebrations.

So, if you’re looking for a gift that will make your mom laugh out loud and create a lasting memory, look no further than these top picks for funny gifts for mom.

$10.81 at amazon

Make your mom feel better about the questionable job she did raising you with a book all about animals and insects that have done a much worse job. At least she’s not like a praying mantis or a spider or something that eats their young, that would suck.

$7.97 at amazon

Give mom another gray hair by scaring the crap out of her, and then delighting her with this DIY Magic Flying Butterfly card. When she opens the two pages of the card, a beautiful paper butterfly will fly right at her face.

$12.00 at amazon

Mom always says that she doesn’t want anything. As her favorite child, who are you to give her something that she doesn’t want? This is the gift of nothing. There is absolutely nothing inside this impossible to open container. What more could mom ask for?

6.15 at amazon
When you give this to her, reassure mom you’re not giving it to her because she’s old or forgetful, it’s because literally no human on Earth can remember all their usernames and passwords anymore. And don’t tell her you’re sick of her calling to ask what her passwords are.
299.00 at amazon
Give her the gift of perfect cocktails on Mother’s Day and beyond with the Bev. The machine taps into five of her favorite liquors and mixers and delivers a drink in her choice of four sizes. She can also use drink pods to add extra flavors.
$49.99 at amazon
When you see mom wearing this blanket sweatshirt, let her be. She’s curled up and ready to enjoy some wine and Hallmark movies. Let her enjoy her cheesy shows while enveloped in the comfort that is polyfleece, with a hood over her head to keep her extra warm, and a pocket to hold her snacks.
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Mama doesn’t need a clock, there are only two times that matter. Coffee o’ clock and wine o’ clock are the two most important times of the day and her body tells her when those times are. This wall shelf just helps hold the beverages she needs at those hours.
$10.39 at amazon
Every rose has its thorn and they scratch but a mom new to gardening can scratch back with these Garden Genie gloves. The clawed gloves have tough tips that allow her to dig through the soil, making it easier to plant and weed her garden.
$12.99 at amazon
When mama’s feeling crabby she won’t be able to help cracking a smile at her feet when she’s wearing these lobster sandals. On her next fancy vacation with the gals, she’ll be sure to wear the pair of foamy crustaceans, they look best at the beach.
$14.90 at amazon
When one becomes a mom, time isn’t measured in hours and minutes anymore, it’s measured in how long it takes to get the baby into the car or how long it took to get a toddler to pick her outfit. She’s gonna be late, so it doesn’t really matter that this clock doesn’t exactly tell time.
4.99 at amazon
Thank mom for being a friend with a Mad Lib book from a show that she’ll remember watching live. This hilarious MadLib book combines the classic game with the classic show to create a delightful result.
$44.99 at amazon
Find some inner peace in the sweet embrace of carbs with a Bob Ross waffle maker. The maker enables you to make a 6″ waffle featuring just Bob’s head or a 7″ waffle imprinted with Bob’s iconic smile.

13- Mom’s Last Nerve On Fire Candle

$12.60 at etsy

Give your stressed out Mom a laugh on Mother’s Day with this hilarious Last Nerve candle. It’s as truthful as it is funny – because Mom really is about to lose it some days!

14- Artisan Chocolate Vegetables

$15.68 at etsy

Give mom a taste of her own medicine by reminding her that she needs to eat all her vegetables before she leaves the table. These artisan chocolate vegetables are a fun trick to play on her that won’t get you in trouble, and may even get you a piece of the vegetable.

15- Funny Dish Towels

$11.99 at etsy

Pun loving mamas that like colorful accents for their kitchens will adore these funny dish towels. After she starts using the super-absorbent she’ll be making jokes as bad as the ones dad makes.

16- Joke Toilet Paper Gift in a Bottle

$10.79 at etsy

Mom will get a kick out of this message in a bottle. There was a time when giving someone a roll of toilet paper was better than giving them an actual bar of gold. Moms of 2020 and 2021 will know just how much weight this carries.

17- Hilarious Child Chucker Gag Gift Empty Box

$10.99 at amazon

Sometimes the best gifts are all about packaging. Practically any gift can fall into the funny gag gifts category when you put it in the right box. This hilarious packaging for the “Child Chucker” is sure to have the mom in your life chuckling, especially once she realizes it’s not real!

18- How to Traumatize Your Children Book

$11.00 at amazon

Next on our list of hilarious mom gifts is this book How to Traumatize Your Children. Reviewers are calling this one “laugh out loud funny” as the book details 7 proven methods to screw up your children. This is definitely a great present for a mom that loves to read (and has a good sense of humor).

19- Pink Fuzzy Cozy Socks

$11.99 at amazon

These socks are the perfect gift for any mom, whether she needs a good laugh or not. They’re cozy, yes, but the best part starts once she puts them on and kicks her feet up! This will be one of her favorite gifts because she won’t even have to respond to her kids’ requests once she’s off duty. All she needs to do is point at the socks and let them speak for her!

20- Oval Shape Raccoon Ear Cuff with No Piercing

$40.00 at inspireuplift

There’s nothing easier for moms than wearing a funny and comfortable raccoon ear cuff since it’s unnecessary to pierce her ears! Putting it on the smallest part of the ear and moving it to where it feels most comfortable, then squeezing slightly, if necessary, will ensure it stays.

21- “Things Moms Say” – A Funny Coloring Book

$3.99 at amazon

Coloring isn’t just for kids, you know. Grabbing a few crayons or colored pencils and spending some time focused on coloring pages can be completely therapeutic. That’s especially true with a coloring book like this one as it’s practically guaranteed to put mom in a fun mood!

22- Mom Battery Low Funny Mother T Shirt

$16.99 at amazon

Don’t forget about her this Mother’s Day. Show your Mama that you’re thinking of her with a funny hilarious shirt she can brag about to all the other parents. Make your mom proud with this cool tee!

23- Funny Doormat for Mom

$15.99 at etsy

For the mom sense of humor, this funny doormat is so cute and makes a great gift for mom. This would also be perfect for white elephant gift exchanges!

24- Go Ask Your Dad T-Shirt

$17.88 at amazon

All mamas can relate to this one!!  This “go ask your dad” tshirt is so funny and comes in a few other color options as well

25- Awesome Mom Funny Mug

$17.99 at amazon

This made me LOL – a great gift for older kids to gift their mamas, and a sincere gift as well that reminds mom how great of a job she is doing and how much you love her! Such a a great mom coffee mug for all awesome the awesome mamas out there!

26- “Home is Where Mom is” Frame

$18.99 at amazon

It’s true that moms set the tone for the home. Express your appreciation for your wife with this frame that reads, “Home is where Mom is.” It features a string art heart and a clothespin and line for your wife to change out favorite photos of her sweet little family and new baby.

27- Funny Apron for Mother’s Day

$23.95 at amazon

This funny apron can help you cooking, baking or doing other kitchen work without worrying about clothes get messy. Covering from chest to knee provides good coverage and preventing you from any type of grease, spills and other stains in the kitchen. Keeping your garment clean at all times.

28- Funny Mom Tumbler

$23.99 at amazon

If you’re looking for a fun and practical gift for the mom in your life, then look no further! Featured leopard rainbow pattern artwork & meaningful saying, tumblers are suitable for Mom Birthday Gifts, Mother’s Day Gifts.

29- Best Mom Ever Pillow Cover

$10.99 at amazon

A perfect gift for mother to give as a Thanksgiving Day/Christmas Mothers Day gift or Birthday gift.Makes a great Mother’s Day gift or birthday gift for Mother.


In conclusion, finding the perfect gift for your mom on Mother’s Day can be challenging, but incorporating some humor into your gift-giving can make it a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Funny gifts for mom not only bring a smile to her face but also show her that you put effort into finding something unique and personal. Whether it’s a witty kitchen accessory, a playful piece of home decor, or a hilarious coffee mug, there’s a funny gift out there to suit every mom’s personality and interests. And with so many options available online and in stores, it’s easy to find something that will make your mom laugh out loud and create a lasting memory.

This Mother’s Day, consider adding a touch of humor to your gift-giving with some funny gifts for mom. Show your appreciation for all the love and support she’s given you over the years, and make her day extra special with a gift that’s both thoughtful and humorous.


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