Funny Teacher Gifts: Show Your Gratitude with a Touch of Humor

As the school year comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about how to thank the teachers who have dedicated their time and energy to educating our children.

While traditional gifts like coffee mugs and gift cards are always appreciated, why not add a touch of humor to your present? Funny teacher gifts are a great way to show your appreciation while also bringing a smile to your favorite teacher’s face. When it comes to finding the perfect gift, there are endless options to choose from. From witty t-shirts to humorous desk accessories, the possibilities are endless.

Not only are these gifts a great way to show your gratitude, but they can also help to lighten the mood and add some levity to the classroom. But why should you bother with funny teacher gifts?

For starters, they can help to create a positive and fun atmosphere in the classroom. Laughter has been shown to reduce stress and improve overall well-being, so why not bring some joy into your teacher’s day? Additionally, funny gifts can help to strengthen the bond between teacher and student, creating a more relaxed and enjoyable learning environment. So whether you’re looking for a gift for your child’s teacher, a friend who teaches, or even a professor, consider opting for a funny teacher gift.

Not only will it show your gratitude, but it’s also a surefire way to bring a smile to their face.

1- This Hilarious Wrong Answers Book

$8.50 at Uncommon goods

If your teacher has ever been exasperated with the really bad answer you gave on a test… gift them this book and say, “Look: it could have been worse!”

2- Funny Socks

$10.99 at amazon

Socks may seem boring as a gift but what’s boring about something useful and comfy that’s also funny? You can choose from a variety of subjects or interests to personalize it for your teacher as well!

3- A Student Tears Mug

$11.99 at amazon

Perfect for a teacher that’s really strict but still knows how to have a laugh, is this mug filled with ‘student tears’. Nobody needs to know it’s actually just coffee.

4- This Funny Math T-Shirt

$19.95 at amazon

Perfect for a mathematics teacher (or any teacher really) this t-shirt makes for a great gift if they work at a school with a fairly casual clothing policy.

5- This Funny Tumbler

$25.90 at amazon

Any teacher knows that things often don’t go according to plan in the classroom. Get them a useful water tumbler so they can stay hydrated, with a humorous message included.

6- A Clever Periodic Table Engraved Cutting Board

$31.99 at amazon

Show your science teacher you care, while also making them chuckle, with this periodic table cutting board. It’s useful and elegant as well as quite clever!

7- Clock with Mathematical Equations

$19.98 at amazon

Any math teacher will love this quirky and clever clock, which displays mathematical equations instead of each number. Perfect for at home or in the classroom!

8- Funny Teacher Definition Print

$36.90 at amazon

For a teacher with a good sense of humor, you could get them this rather sarcastic teacher definition print!

9- Empty Notebook Socks

$7.99 at amazon

These cozy socks are the best way to relax and unwind after a long day of teaching. Cuddle up with your favorite novel and these super soft socks, available in a variety of styles. The empty notebook socks are perfect for the bibliophile in your life. Or go for the Jane Austen socks, which are perfect for anyone who loves reading as much as they love teaching.

10- The Teacher Survival Kit Pouch

$7.98 at amazon

What does your teacher want as a gift? Maybe a few extra vacation days. But since you probably can’t make that happen, here’s the very next thing. This adorable teacher survival pouch can store all their school supplies and makes a great back-to-school gift or party favor. Fill it up with teacher essentials, such as scissors, snacks, pens, markers, highlighters, or a face mask to relax after work.

11- The Gen Z Dictionary

$5.99 at amazon

It can be hard to keep up with new generations. So if your teacher is over 30, then chances are they probably need this Gen Z Dictionary. It’s full of slang and new terms that will help clueless teachers decode conversations with today’s generation.

12- Snarky Pencils for Teachers

$5.99 at amazon

These are the pencils that the teacher is going to want to keep out of reach of the kids. They’re stamped with gold foil, silver foil, or black snarky message that poke fun at all the things they hate about the profession they love.

13- Shakespearean Insult Bandages

$7.18 at amazon

Since teachers are also champion boo-boo healers, they might as well heal in style with these very on-brand bandages. And students will love them since they’re covered in “squeaky clean” insults courtesy of The Bard himself.

14- What’s Your Superpower Mug

$14.38 at amazon

For real though, teachers are superheroes. They wear more hats than most people own, and this mug celebrates all of them. When they’re feeling stressed after a day of being a counselor, babysitter, educator, chaos coordinator, role model, and administrator, the drink in this mug will warm them up.

15- Teacher of All Things Funny Shirt

$19.99 at amazon

Thing 1, Thing 2, and all the Things in between, that’s who you’ll be teaching when you wear this shirt. Perfect for elementary school teachers that have an affinity for Dr. Seuss books in their lesson plans, the charming shirt is comfortable and most importantly, machine washable.

16- Funny Teacher Tote Bag

$14.99 at amazon

Featuring an inspiring and motivational quote with” The influence of a great teacher can never be erased” in colorful fonts, adding a personal touch to the bag and making it a great gift for any teacher who wants to show off their passion for teaching.

17- The World’s Largest Coffee Mug

$14.99 at amazon

For those teachers that have to deal with little rascals under the age of 6, this mug is especially fitting. The gigantic piece holds about 1.5 gallons of coffee. That’s enough caffeine to make them astrally project from their bodies and teach on a whole new plane of existence.

18- Look At All the Stuff I Haven’t Done Funny Notepad

$12.95 at amazon

Depending on where they are in the semester, every page of this notepad could be filled with things that a teacher should have done but hasn’t yet. Such is life in the teacher world. The sentiment on the pad will make them groan but it’ll help them get sh*t done nonetheless.

19- What Do You Meme Teacher’s Edition

$24.99 at amazon

Teacher memes rival reaction memes in their level of hilarity and this game proves it. The card match game challenges you to create the funniest pairing of teacher meme and phrase that created the situation.

20- Humble Pi: A Comedy of Maths Errors

$14.14 at amazon

Math can go very wrong and when it does, the results are often hilarious. A teacher might use some of the epic math fails in Humble Pi to teach their class about why using a calculator is important. You’re also likely to catch them reading it over and over again, just to make sure everything is adding up.

21- Cute and Funny Soy Candle

$10.79 at etsy

A sweet smelling candle is a lovely gift, and you can make your teacher chuckle as well with this one. If they often say you’re “getting on my last nerve” they will love this soy candle. You can even choose the scent from 14 varieties!

22- Funny Punctuation Shirt

$14.69 at etsy

This t-shirt makes a great gift for an English teacher or an elementary teacher, as it perfectly illustrates the importance of correct punctuation!

23- Funny Teachers Pen Set

$12.00 at etsy

Show your teacher you understand their job can be hard with this pen set! Each pen features an amusing saying about the teacher life.

24- Personalized Funny Teacher Stamp

$6.50 at etsy

This stamp is as much for the kids as it is for the teachers. The kids will be thrilled to see a peppy, colorful message from their teacher that’ll make them laugh. And with several styles available, a teacher can have more than one.

25- Personalized Sparkly Stapler

$30.91 at etsy

Who needs a red Swingline when you can have a stapler decked out in pretty sparkles? This charming school supply will help kids in the classroom and save a teacher from having to buy a ton of paper clips.

26- “I’ll Just Wait Until It’s Quiet” Funny Teacher Planter

$19.95 at etsy

There’s a reason the teacher on this clever planter has died, waiting for your kids to get quiet is like waiting for paint to dry. The cute piece looks great on a desk, is about 3″ tall, has a drainage hole so roots don’t rot, and makes a happy home for succulents or air plants.

27- Funny Teacher Coffee Gift Card Sleeves

$10.00 at etsy

Treat teach to somethings special at the holidays or the end of the year with a gift card for coffee tucked into one of these sleeves. The cleverly designed wood sleeves hold tight to the card and are available in a variety of designs.

28- Literary Insults Poster

$24.95 at amazon

Can the parents even be mad at you for teaching their kids insults from famous literature? They’re learning about classic lit, they’re not using four-letter words that would get them in trouble, and they’re increasing their vocabulary. This colorful poster is a great addition to any classroom wall for all those reasons.

29- Funny Teacher Reward Stickers

$3.60 at etsy

Teachers want reward stickers too, you know, and you can make their wish come true with this pastel set. There are over two dozen on the pages that reward them for things like not crying and remembering everyone’s names..

30- “Things They Don’t Teach You in School” Game

$20.00 at uncommongoods

Show your teacher that they don’t know everything just because they’re a teacher with this fun (and funny) card game they can play in their free time!

31- Democracy Coasters – Set of 4

$18.00 at uncommongoods

Toast to life, liberty, and the pursuit of the perfect cocktail with this set of coasters featuring the famous documents of American democracy. Each of the four tumbled marble coasters showcases selections from a different document—the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Civil Rights Act—bringing the formula for freedom to your cocktail accouterments. The set makes a great gift for any history buff, teacher, or adherent of the American dream. Complete the set with an iron coaster stand, sold separately. Made in Providence, Rhode Island.

32- Reading Glasses Mug

$23.99 at uncommongoods

What does a bibliophile need besides a good book? Why, trusty reading glasses and a warm cup of tea, of course. Inspired by the avid readers in her life (and her collection of antique eyewear), Colleen Huth came up with the design for this playful mug. Handcrafted from stoneware, each one starts as a flat piece of clay that Colleen hand-stamps with a pattern of vintage spectacles. After folding the clay to create her signature organic edge, Colleen adds a sturdy handle and fires the piece to Cone 10 (a superhot process that creates exceptionally durable ceramic). With its generous 12-ounce size, each one-of-a kind creation will warm the heart, hands, and tummy of book lovers and anyone who likes to sip with a smile. Handmade in Wisconsin.


In Conclusion,

funny teacher gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for the hard work and dedication that teachers put into their jobs. Not only do they bring a smile to your favorite teacher’s face, but they can also help to create a positive and enjoyable learning environment. From witty t-shirts to humorous desk accessories, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to funny teacher gifts. So why not add a touch of humor to your next teacher gift and show your gratitude in a unique and memorable way?


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