Exciting Gifts for Kids Who Love to Draw

In our fast-paced digital world, where screens dominate and attention spans dwindle, it’s refreshing to witness the timeless allure of drawing. There’s something magical about seeing a child’s imagination come to life through the strokes of a pencil or the vibrant colors of a paintbrush. If you have a budding artist in your life, a child whose heart beats to the rhythm of creativity, then you know how important it is to support and nurture their passion.

With an abundance of toys and gadgets clamoring for attention, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect gift that truly resonates with a child’s artistic spirit. Fear not, for we have embarked on a quest to curate an exquisite collection of gifts specifically tailored for those little Picassos and Van Goghs who can’t resist the call of a blank canvas.

These carefully chosen gifts go beyond the realm of ordinary art supplies. They are catalysts for limitless inspiration, tools that empower young minds to explore the depths of their creativity. From drawing boards that bring imagination to life, to books that open doors to new artistic horizons, our selection encompasses a variety of options that will captivate and engage even the most discerning young artists.

In an era where technology often overshadows traditional forms of expression, it’s crucial to provide children with outlets that encourage them to unplug, slow down, and connect with their inner selves. Drawing offers an escape from the virtual realm, allowing young minds to express their thoughts, emotions, and dreams in a tangible and personal way. It fosters patience, attention to detail, and the ability to observe the world with an artist’s eye.

Whether your little artist prefers sketching whimsical characters, exploring the intricacies of nature, or crafting vibrant masterpieces, our handpicked gifts will set their creative spirits ablaze. We’ve scoured the art supply stores, explored hidden corners of online marketplaces, and consulted with art teachers and experts to ensure that each recommendation is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

Join us on this journey as we unveil a world of possibilities for the young artists in your life. From the novice scribbler to the prodigious prodigy, there’s something for every skill level and age group. Get ready to witness their eyes light up with joy and anticipation, as they unwrap the gift that will inspire countless hours of artistic exploration.

So, without further ado, let us embark on this artistic adventure, igniting the passion for drawing and opening doors to a world of boundless imagination. These carefully chosen gifts will not only bring smiles and laughter but also nurture a lifelong love affair with creativity. It’s time to celebrate the gift of art and give wings to the dreams of those who dare to draw.

1- Sketching Set

Sketching Set Gifts for Kids Who Like to Draw

This sketching set has my son drooling! We buy Pro Art’s 18-piece set regularly, but for gift-giving purposes, this 26-piece set wins. It’s suitable for kids, includes a good assortment of graphite and charcoal pencils, and, while the case isn’t a good long-time storage solution, it makes for easy gift packaging.

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2- Light Up Tracing Pad

Light Up Tracing Pad

Does your kiddo need to build confidence in drawing skills? Don’t miss the Crayola Tracing Pad! It allows plenty of practice for kids who need to ease into drawing by tracing. The tracing pad uses an LED pad to illuminate the images while a frame locks paper in place while tracing. The kit includes ten themed drawing sheets, along with blank sheets, a graphite pencil, and colored pencils to get started.

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3- My Comic Book Kit

My Comic Book Kit

Comic books are one of the greatest breeding grounds for imagination and creativity. Turn your child into an author with the following subscription box. With comic books delivered, each one arriving pre formatted and blank, kids can draw, design and write their own hero stories.

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4- How to Draw 101 Animals

How to Draw 101 Animals Gifts for Kids Who Like to Draw

Perfect for children especially, this great book is ideal for anyone who loves to draw. Their skills will be instantly improved, as the paper back contains step by step instructions for 101 different images of animals; whether your little one loves dogs, cats or crabs, they will definitely find them here.

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5- Inkless Drawing Board

Inkless Drawing Board Gifts for Kids Who Like to Draw

When they’re trying to come up with their next big idea, they can use this water brush to let their creative juices flow without wasting ink, paint or paper. Just dip the bamboo brush in water and drag it across the board for a mindfulness practice-turned-art piece.

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6- Flipbook Kits

Flipbook Kits

Tell your own stories in a more exciting way with these flipbook kits. With flipbooks being one of the oldest forms of animation/movie making, kids will love the fact that they are creating moving stories. In the box you will receive 2 pre-drawn flipbooks, 1 blank flipbook, pens and clips.

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7- Watercolor Paint Field Travel Set

Watercolor Paint Field Travel Set Gifts for Kids Who Like to Draw

“I got this as a gift and have re-purchased them for myself,” says art director Laura Formisano of this travel-friendly paint set. It’s compact and comes with everything they need to create on-the-go, including paints, brushes and palettes.

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8- Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

Another perennial favorite, this art easel is ideal for any kid who loves to create! This easel features a whiteboard on one side and a chalkboard on the other. There’s also an option to pull the included paper roll over the whiteboard side for drawing or painting on paper as well. We purchased ours in 2011 when our kids were young and all five of them have loved it.

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9- Personalized Engraved Sketchbook

Personalized Engraved Sketchbook Gifts for Kids Who Like to Draw

This handy sketch pad will go along anywhere, ready to pull out when inspiration strikes. With a set of coloring pencils readily accessible at the front of the book, you’ll have everything you need to draw to your heart’s content!

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10- Drawing Set Sketching Kit 53 Pack

Drawing Set Sketching Kit 53 Pack Gifts for Kids Who Like to Draw

This drawing and sketching kit has everything your budding artist could ever hope for when it comes to creating art wherever they go! The quick zip case means they can take their supplies with them easily, as well as the two included mini-sketchbooks.

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11- Kids Draw Big Book of Everything Manga

Kids Draw Big Book of Everything Manga

Y’all, both of my kids love to draw and they both love drawing Manga. If your kiddo feels the same way, The Big Book of Everything Manga is a great choice for getting started with this style of drawing. It includes tons of instruction for drawing Manga and is a great help for new and not-so-new Manga artists.

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In Conclusion,

As we come to the end of our artistic journey, we reflect on the profound impact that a simple act of drawing can have on a child’s life. The gifts we’ve explored and shared are not just material possessions; they hold the power to unlock boundless potential, instill confidence, and shape a young artist’s identity.

By providing children with the tools and resources they need to express themselves artistically, we empower them to think outside the lines, to embrace their uniqueness, and to find solace and joy in the act of creation. Through drawing, they learn to communicate their thoughts and emotions, to problem-solve, and to persevere in the face of challenges. They develop a keen eye for detail, an appreciation for aesthetics, and an understanding of the power of visual storytelling.

Moreover, the act of drawing fosters a sense of mindfulness and presence. It encourages children to observe the world around them, to notice the subtle nuances of color, shape, and form. In a world that often rushes by in a blur, drawing provides a moment of stillness, a sanctuary where young minds can immerse themselves in the process of creation.

While we may live in a digital age where screens dominate, we must never underestimate the profound impact of traditional art forms. The gifts we have explored in this collection are a testament to the enduring power of drawing, the timeless beauty of a pencil meeting a blank page, and the transformative nature of artistic expression.

So, as you embark on your quest to find the perfect gift for the young artist in your life, remember the importance of nurturing their creativity. Encourage them to explore, experiment, and take risks. Provide them with a supportive environment where their imagination can soar and their artistic voice can find its resonance.

In a world that values efficiency and productivity, let us not forget the value of slowing down, of taking the time to create something beautiful. Let us celebrate the joy of drawing, the freedom it brings, and the endless possibilities it holds. By giving the gift of art, you are not only enriching a child’s life, but you are also sowing the seeds of a brighter, more imaginative future.

So, go forth and inspire the young artists in your life. Encourage them to dream big, to embrace their uniqueness, and to fearlessly explore the world of drawing. With the right tools, guidance, and unwavering support, they will become the creative visionaries of tomorrow, leaving their mark on the world with every stroke of their brush or pencil.

Now, let us celebrate the joyous journey of artistic discovery, and may your gifts for kids who love to draw ignite a lifelong passion for creativity and self-expression.

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