Thoughtful Retirement Gifts for Your Boss Male

3-in-1 Heating Vibration Massager

1- 3-in-1 Heating Vibration Massager

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Granted, these look like you saw Darth Vader in the gym locker room, but you won’t care how they look after you’ve tried them for their therapeutic value. They really work! These knee massagers deliver heat and vibration to the knees, stimulating blood flow and helping soothe pain and ease stiffness in knee joints. Individual controls allow the user to customize the settings for each knee. The heat and vibration can be used alternately or simultaneously. The knee massagers are unisex and fit almost all sizes, up to 23.6 inches in girth. The package includes two knee wrap/massagers and a power cable/adaptor. A thorough user’s manual is included in the box and online. If the retiree you’re buying for has complained of (or you’ve noticed them wincing) pain walking stairs, pain during changes in the weather, stiffness or edema, these can help. They’re also beneficial for arthritis sufferers. With three heat settings and programmable shut-off, they fit well with any lifestyle or schedule.

Personalized Name Art Print Retirement Gifts for Boss Male

2- Personalized Name Art Print

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I’m going out on a limb here and I’m going to say that you have probably never spelled out your name with gun parts that looked like letters. That’s exactly what this truly unique wall decoration does. If you look closely at the photo, you’ll notice that it spells out “Jason.” If the retiree’s name’s not Jason, don’t worry – the ordering process includes a customize feature. You can have up to 11 letters (minimum three). It doesn’t have to be a name; anything not exceeding 11 letters will do. The more letters, the smaller they have to be in order to fit on the plaque, however. No photos are repeated, even if the letters are. The letters are high resolution photos of guns, rifles, and ammunition cropped so that they mimic letters of the alphabet. The plaque is 6.5 inches by 18 inches and includes a patriotic print, or you can order a framed canvas print.

Funny Personalized Wall Clock

3- Funny Personalized Wall Clock

at etsy

Laser engraved design
Black spade shape clock hands
Quartz silent clock movement is flush mounted on back
Includes hour and minute hands
Operates on a single AA battery (not included)

50 States, 5,000 Ideas Book Retirement Gifts for Boss Male

4- 50 States, 5,000 Ideas Book

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While it’s not a particularly inventive idea to gift a book to a retiree, it’s still a good one. With time now on their hands for reading, he or she might really appreciate a good book. There certainly isn’t a shortage of titles to choose from. In 2018, a record 1.3 million books were published in the U.S. alone This colorful National Geographic publication continues to soar on Amazon’s Best Seller list. Coming from NG, you know it’s going to have awesome photography, but this has a bunch (5,000, I suppose) of ideas for adventures in all 50 states. If you think your state is boring, think again

Crystal Appreciation Plaque

5- Crystal Appreciation Plaque

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Another in the sappy but too nice to pass up category, this stunningly beautiful crystal plate is sure to draw oohs and ahs when it is presented to the retiree. It’s genuine crystal, too, not acrylic fakery. It’s customizable, so order in plenty of time to get the deep-etched engraving that is included in the purchase price. The basic text says,

Retire Tee Tag Retirement Gifts for Boss Male

6- Retire Tee Tag

at groovyguygifts

Your guy will be retiring, so he shouldn’t be spending his golf time fumbling through his bag to try and find his golf tee. Throw out the old and bring in the new with this Golf Bag Tag. Your guy is going to love this thoughtful gift as a way to celebrate his years of hard work. This golf tag is made with quality leather material and stitched to perfection, just like your man’s golf swing. The tag features three tee slots and a sleeve on the side to fit a pencil or another tee. This tag can be personalized with your guy’s name by adding it to the text box above.

Solar Phone Charger

7- Solar Phone Charger

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The idea of having a portable cell phone charger that charges while on the move is nothing new. Having one that’s worth the money, time and effort is. Not to be confused with car chargers that plug into a 12V power port on the dash or console, portable cell phone chargers are actually high-capacity batteries that share their power with cell phones or tablets. Early attempts at marketing this technology produced a tidal wave of “stick” batteries that were slow to charge, slow to transfer power and fast to burn out. Subsequent generations showed marked improvement, with bulkier, higher capacity power cells that got the job done without so much angst.

FZ53-RD 16MP Digital Camera Retirement Gifts for Boss Male

8- FZ53-RD 16MP Digital Camera

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Powerful 16.1-Megapixel CCD sensor gives you room to enlarge, zoom and crop to your heart’s content without losing out on life-like clarity or quality. 28mm wide angle lens lets you step up to a bigger frame and fit more of your subject in without having to step back Panning shot mode allows you to capture clear subject when it is in motion and loads of other scene modes providing you the best setting and exposure to capture great pictures in any circumstances Face detection and auto exposure detects facial features and enhances it for true subject highlighting. Blink/smile detection helps you to capture the perfect moment

Amenity Dome Medium in Ivory

9- Amenity Dome Medium in Ivory

at snowpeak

Maybe he’s gonna be packing the car up and getting outdoors. The best camping upgrade is a Japanese-designed Snow Peak tent. Or… really deck him out with a matching tent and tarp set.

Retirement T-Shirt Retirement Gifts for Boss Male

10- Retirement T-Shirt

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Is your boss, coworker, or employee an absolute legend? Well, the Legend Has Retired T-Shirt is a kind yet hilarious way of letting them know that you think the utmost of them and they’ll be missed. This short-sleeve crewneck t-shirt is unisex and eco-friendly.

Unique Tumbler for Retirement

11- Unique Tumbler for Retirement

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While you could put any cold beverage you want to in this product, it’s supposed to be for wine. I mean, it comes with a spill-proof lid and everything. Why wouldn’t you want for anything but wine? It’s made of 304 stainless steel. What that means is that it’s high grade – the highest for this purpose, actually – and it’s FDA certified and BPA free. It’s insulated to keep that chilled Chardonnay at the same temperature for a long time. Not that you’d let wine sit in it for this long, but it will maintain the temperature for up to nine hours. For hot beverages, it keeps them warm for three hours. The slogan is printed on a matte black finish on opposing sides of the mug. The mug ships in a nice gift box that says “Happy Retirement!” It’s made by Onebttl (don’t ask me how to pronounce it), which actually tests their products with drop tests. It carries a lifetime warranty.

Custom Retirement Flower Box Retirement Gifts for Boss Male

12- Custom Retirement Flower Box

at etsy

To show your gratitude to your boss, give her the retirement flower box. This foot-long stained wooden box can be customized with a statement of your choosing. This personalized rustic planter is a wonderful way to show your boss how much you care and how much she will be missed when she leaves the workforce. It’s the perfect centerpiece for their dinners thanks to the Retirement Flower Box, which includes damaged jars and ribbon.

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