45 Best Father’s Day Golf Gifts for Wonderful Dads in 2023

Father’s Day is a big event for those whose lives intertwine with good dads, and among the best gifts for them are Father’s Day golf gifts. Since it originated in Europe’s Middle Ages, Father’s Day has been celebrating fatherhood and paternal bonds. The celebration naming and timing differed between the past and present and still does today from one country to another. The celebration joy, however, does not differ; also that happy wives, children, friends, and relatives get busy looking for suitable gifts for dads.

Father’s Day golf gifts are popular and sought after as the event approaches. Do not worry if you are not familiar with shopping for golf gifts.  A quick background will make things fall into their places. Golf gifts range from golf essentials, including golf clubs, balls, tees, and markers, to secondary golf accessories like golf towels, sunglasses, hats, etc. Golf tech and novelty gifts like rangefinders, golf training gadgets, and less expensive golf-related gifts like golf-club pens and golf-cart pen holders are also practical and winning choices. And there is the world of breezy, comfortable golf wear to explore. In this post, you will find a rich collection of Father’s Day golf gifts, categorized into personalized golf gifts for dad, cool golf accessories, best golf watches, and a more general section for good golf gifts for dad, including golf-related gifts. 

  • Personalized Golf Gifts for Dad

Personalizing golf accessories is always perfect for Father’s Day golf gifts. It adds a cool touch to usual golf accessories, makes them more attractive, and is also a practical way to identify the golfer’s stuff so that other golfers do not take them mistakenly in the case of golf balls.

1.  Personalized Golf Balls

How a bout a family picture printed on golf balls? It would indeed make one of the best Father’s Day golf gifts for a loving dad. This personalized ball set has three high-performance Kirkland balls UV printed one one or two sides with the photo you wish, occupying 20 mm diameter printing area. The set is attractively packaged in a gift box.

$18.99 at Groovyguygifts


2.Customized Golf Balls in Mini Crate

Another more popular way to customized golf balls is by printing or engraving the golfers’ initials or names on them. It is a great way to turn this safe gift choice into something lively. This handy and stylish golf set includes 24 monogrammed golf balls available in three attractive high-quality-printed designs, a golf ball marker, and a towel.

$89.99 at mancrates


3.Personalized Golf Ball Marker for Men


This elegant ball marker and divot tool is an excellent choice if you are looking for personalized Father’s Day golf gifts. It is simple yet handsome, practical, and has a cool customized touch. The tool is handmade from durable alloy and wood. Using your gift with every stroke will add extra fun to your dad’s day out on the course.

$22.99 at etsy


4.Customized Golf Ball Marker for Dad

Sierra Metal Design

Here is one more handmade, beautifully customized golf ball marker. The durable marker is made from stainless steel with high-quality engraving and paired with a magnetic hat clip. The engraving design is quite dainty; it will efficiently transmit your love to dads.

$18.95 at amazon


5.Personalized Golf Ball Markers with Case


Another 2-in-one golf marker, pretty chic and personalized, making one of the best golf gifts for dad. The marker comes in an equally elegant small tan leather case that fits up to three markers; black and metal cases are also available. The handmade piece can take up to 20 letters per side, and you can have both sides engraved with different texts and symbols, including a flag, tee, heart, and star.

$65.00 at etsy


6.Wooden Customized Golf Tees


Present a special gift with these personalized, high-quality wooden golf tees. The handsome natural-wood tees are laser engraved with your golfer’s name. Measuring 2.75″, the tees have the most popular size among golfers. They come tucked into a pouch in a pack. So, golf tees can still be attractive golf gifts for dads and golfers generally.

$8.00 at etsy


7.Embroidered Personalized Golf Towel with Initials


It is a high-quality golf towel, handmade with a front from microfiber and a back from polyester scrubber loops that guarantees easy golf club wiping. It already has a grommet and a hook for easy hanging. The embroidery includes two crossing clubs, a golf ball and tee, and the golfer’s initials; plus, the embroidery is available in different colors. Identified as a star-seller on Etsy, the towel has more than 19k customer reviews. So, it is indeed one of the excellent golf gift ideas for dads.

$24.99 at etsy

8.Customized Golf Scorecard Holder


This high-quality customized leather holder is handcrafted and made from full grain cowhide. The practical luxury gift has two pockets for golf scorecards, an elasticized strap for the yardage book, and a leather pencil holder. The holder size, folded, is approximately 7″ x 4.25″. It can be engraved outwardly and inwardly; the inside engravings can reach up to 70 characters, including spaces and letters. This customized golf scorecard holder is a stylish way for golfing dads to keep track of their wins.

$45.32 at etsy

9.Husky Golf Club Headcover


Personalized golf gifts do not have to be monogrammed or carry your dad’s name. It could be a cool golf club headcover shaped into your golfer’s favorite animals, adding individuality and personality to the look of the golf bag. This one is a high-quality plush husky-dog headcover with a built-in rubber band to keep it stable. It is easy to maintain clean and shiny without damaging it; wash it by hand in about 30-degree water, dry it naturally, then use a hair dryer to blow up the hair.

$27.99 at amazon

10.19th Hole Customized Metal Sign


Personalized Golf Gifts for Dad
After a round of 18, it’s time for celebrating at the 19th hole. The elegant high-quality handmade metal sign can be personalized with up to 20 letters, and the more the letters are, the smaller they will have to be. You can make a lovely Father’s Day golf gift from this one. Add your dad’s name or Initials and pick him a phrase he loves; it does not have to be the “19th hole.”

$29.99 at etsy

11.Personalized Golf Ball Display Frame

Father’s Day Golf Gifts

Golf ball display frames can work as an efficient golf accessory and as a decor piece simultaneously, and this handsome custom wood display frame ticks the two boxes. Its minimalist design is the perfect background that will show the beauty of your dad’s golf ball collection. The durable laser-cut frame holds 16 golf balls with an appropriate depth that displays the balls nicely. Placed on a desk or table or hung on the wall, it will serve your dad well.

$49.99 at groovyguygifts
  • Cool golf accessories

Main golf accessories such as golf balls, golf ball markers, and towels are among the safest choices for Father’s Day golf gifts. A golfer can never have too many of these; they are always welcomed. More expensive options include golf clubs, rangefinders, etc. Vital, cool golf accessories also include golf training devices. 

1.Manna 26 oz Orbit Color Changing Water Bottle


One of the coolest golf gifts for dad is this water bottle; it changes color to reflect how much water remains inside as a unique way to track your water intake. Just add cold water to it and watch the color change like magic right before your eyes. The bottle is 26-ounce, leak-proof with its secure screw-on lid and available in a variety of color-changing options. Its cleaning instruction is to hand wash it rather than using the dishwasher.

$35.00 at mannahydration

2.Magnetic Golf Towel

It is an efficient grab-n-go golf towel that your golfer dad will like. No need for the grommet and a hook this time; you can stick it on any of your metal golf objects, whether the golf cart or golf clubs. And with the strong magnet used, you do not need to worry about the towel falling from its place. The towel material is also of high quality, made from top-tier microfiber, providing high water absorption and quick dry time. The towel is equipped with deep waffle pockets that clean grooves fast and thorough.

$26.95 at amazon

3.SC 200 Portable Golf Launch Monitor


This one is a tech luxury golf gift. It is a smart monitor that measures swing speed, carry distance, ball speed, smash factor, and club stats within a measuring range of 30-320 yards. The device is equipped with distance voice output and a Doppler radar sensor. Besides, it has three different modes to maintain the practicing varied and stimulating, helping golfers improve their game efficiently.

$398.99 at amazon

4.TaylorMade Stealth Driver


The carbon fiber driver from Taylormade is the golf clubs’ Excalibur, as GQ described it. The red driver is flexible; its head is encased by a polyurethane cover manufactured with a new nanotexture technology. The nanotexture cover enables fine-tune launching and spinning, optimizing total distance. It is a perfect gift when you think of golf gifts for dad.

$559.99 at amazon

5.TaylorMade Cart Lite Golf Bag


Sometimes men pay less attention to golf accessories like bags. As long as it carries their stuff, it’s fine even if it has grown old and asks for retirement. If it’s time to get your dad a new golf bag, the TaylorMade 2023 cart bag is a perfect choice to go for. From its handsome looking in various colors to its lightweight and vast storage space with eleven pockets, where he can carry his clubs and the balls in the 360° zip-off ball pocket. Besides, there is a large integrated cooler pocket for snacks, water, and drinks. And the pushcart base facilitates moving from one hole to another.

$299.99 at amazon

6.Tour V5 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder


Father’s Day Golf Gifts
Bushnell Golf Tour V5 is one of the top range finders out there. Attaching the rangefinder on a cart bar is pretty easy, thanks to the integrated BITE magnetic technology. It also has a tour trusted distance and high-quality clarity redefined that will improve the golfer’s both sightline and handicap. The rangefinder comes with the Bushnell Golf App; powered by the latest updates, it unlocks vital information such as distances, 3D flyovers, and hole layouts.

$299.97 at amazon

7.Golf Ball Holder with Quick Draw Release


With this golf ball holder, your dad can easily reach his balls whenever he needs a new one without shifting his focus from his performance on the course to the bag looking for the ball. The user-friendly grab-n-Go design allows selecting golf balls from either side with a space for three balls. It is one of the most practical golf gift ideas that your dad will thank you for.

$19.99 at amazon

8.Golf Ball Retriever for Water with 2 Golf Ball Grabbers


Father’s Day Golf Gifts
It is a good golf gift for golfers who continually lose golf balls in the water or hard-to-reach spots. If your father is one of them, this is one of the excellent golf gifts for him. The durable and light retriever is made of stainless steel and can reach up to two meters. It is easy to use, just by gently buckling the golf basket on the ball and letting the button automatically buckle the ball.

$14.99 at amazon

9.Golf Club Groove Sharpener with 6 Heads


Club grove sharpeners are essential to maintain the golf clubs and thus your performance on course in good condition. This six-head sharpener works perfectly on both V and U grooves, and it is simple to carry and use with the lichi texture on the shaft surface that allows firm gripping while cleaning the club’s head without sliding in hand. The device works well with various club types and brands, including Adams, Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Nike, TaylorMade, and Wilson.

$10.99 at amazon

10.Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Stick


Cool golf accessories
It is a pretty popular golf training tool with over 6,000 Amazon reviewers. The device helps improve timing and swing tempo, and warm-up. To use it, simply swing it back and forth continually and do not stop at impact position; act as if swinging to a metronome. You do not have to worry about where to put it; It fits easily in golf bags.

$53.70 at amazon

11.Golf Grip Trainer Attachment for Improving Hand Positioning


Father’s Day Golf Gifts
This golf-grip trainer attachment assists you in practicing proper hand positioning, which is the primary thing to learn about golf. It does so by creating muscle memory for proper grip and hand positioning. Plus, the tool can be attached to most club types. So, if your dad is a newbie in the golf world, this is a suitable gift for him. The trainer attachment is for right-handed people, and there is a left-handed version.

$14.99 at amazon

12.Golf-Chipping Cornhole Game Set


Cool golf accessories
It is a game for the entire family to enjoy and for different skill-level golfer dads for chipping practice. Combining the fun of golf with a corn hole, it makes a fun golf chipping game. The set includes a 3-in-1 foldable game board, a chipping mat, a storage bag, eight bean bags, nine golf balls, and four fixed sticks. The golf-chipping cornhole game is durable; it can absorb several ball hits without flipping over. Players can play it indoors, outdoors, at parties, picnics, barbecues, tailgates, family reunions, etc.

$29.99 at amazon

13.The Go-Golfing Anywhere Putting Game


It is a practical and fun golf game, being easy to learn, fun, and suitable for different ages and skill levels. The set consists of an 11-inch putting mat, two putters, and two balls. With this easy roll-out mat, your golfer dad can go golfing anywhere with friends and family.

$159.99 at amazon
  • Best Golf Watches

Golf watches are a particular subcategory in fitness watches. Golf watches pull more weight, and some are bulkier than fitness watches because they have a specific set of golf software alongside the usual fitness ones.

1.Approach S60 GPS Golf Watch


It is a pretty elegant, chronograph-style golf watch with sunlight-readable color touchscreen that will help your golfing dad pull the right club. Another pro is that it uses GPS to quickly gets your location, showing precise yardages to greens, doglegs and hazards, on full-color course maps. In fact, it is suitable for outdoor activities other than gold, including skiing, XC skiing, snowboarding, rowing and stand up paddleboarding.  ceramic.

$325.74 at amazon

2.Approach S12 GPS Golf Watch


Another one of the best golf watches for your dad, who plays at different courses, is this GPS Golf Watch. It features more than 42,000 courses pre-loaded, allowing him to view the whole course, including the front, back, and middle yardages of the putting green along with doglegs and hazards. Besides, the watch keeps score and has Approach CT10 club tracking sensors to see how far the ball is hit. The durable battery remained up to 30 hours charged, and the display is easy to see in direct sunlight.

$199.99 at amazon

3.Approach S42 Golf Smartwatch


Another stellar Garmin golf watch is the Approach S42, having details of 42,000 courses worldwide. It also has the Garmin Autoshot that analyzes and records shot distances. Another pro is the battery life, lasting up to ten days in smartwatch mode and reducing to 15 hours with GPS enabled. And there is also the Garmin Golf app, providing live scoring and reviewing all the golfer’s stats in one place. With its slim profile and handsome look, the smartwatch is suitable for everyday wear, not only on the course.

$299.99 at amazon

4.SkyCaddie LX5 Golf Watch


As Techradar described it, the SkyCaddie LX5 is “a wearable equivalent of the SkyCaddie SX500 golf computer.” If you are looking for a large-screen watch, this one has one of the largest, measuring 1.39″. The oversize touch screen allows comfortable viewing of full-HD maps and graphics, which can be panned and zoomed easily with fingertips. However, golfers with smaller wrists may find it overwhelming, but since your dad is a golfer man, there is a good chance that it will suit his wrist, or he will appreciate its practical pros over its big size.

$299.95 at amazon

5.V3 GPS Golf Watch

Shot Scope Technologies

Contrary to SkyCaddie LX5, the Shot Scope V3 is slim at just 10mm thick and thus comfortable and suitable for all-day wear. Despite the smaller profile, the watch impressively has thoughtful touches and handy features, aiming to improve the golfer’s game and save time. The V3 watch boasts automatic shot detection, plotting every shot on a map of the course. It includes 36,000-course maps and comes with 16 tracking tags, enabling the watch to identify the golfer’s clubs automatically.

$209.99 at amazon
  • Good Golf Gifts for Dad

This more general section includes secondary golf accessories like trunk and storage organizers, cooler bags, sunglasses, gloves, and golf wear. There are also golf-related gifts.

1.Golf Trunk Organizer and Shoe Bag


Good Golf Gifts for Dad
In case your dad tends to keep his golf stuff tidy, or you want to help him do so, this is among the matching golf gift ideas to go for. The golf trunk organizer and shoe bag set from Athletico make it pretty easy to maintain golf essentials neatly in the trunk, ready for grabbing and going to play. Having a large space, the organizer can hold all golf accessories, including balls, tees, gloves, hats, and golf wear, with built-in grommets and ventilation, ensuring everything stays fresh. The shoe bag is also practical with side pockets for another couple of balls, socks, etc.

$64.99 at amazon

2.Heavy-Duty Golf Storage Organizer


Another way to keep your dad’s golf stuff organized is the storage rack, especially if they are many. This one is 36″ x 16″ x 37″ and can be installed in a garage corner, mud room, or entryway. The organizer consists of a 26-inches-long main compartment that fits two large-size golf bags, three open shelves for medium-sized gear, and a closed-in one for small items like golf balls. And for easy installation, the organizer comes with a detailed instruction manual with pictures.

$104.99 at amazon

3.Mini Golf Cooler Bag


Cooler bags are vital for golfers to hydrate with cool water and drinks on the course. This polyester golf cooler is 19″ long by 8″ wide, a space that takes up to six 12-ounce cans or four 16-ounce cans. The durable, insulated cooler has a one-ounce PU coating, strong zipper, and thick insulating foam that keeps the drinks Cold. It also comes with ice packs.

$25.00 at amazon

4.Golf Ball Money Clip


Father’s Day Golf Gifts
 Golfers like to feel light while moving around the course, and bulky wallets can be an obstacle. This sleek money clip makes a more suitable alternative. It is plastic with golf ball skin inlay and can hold up to ten bills and seven credit cards. Thus, with this practical golf gift, everything your dad needs will be right in his front pocket. The clip is packaged in an attractive black gift box.

$85.00 at amazon

5.Heritage Leather Golf Glove

The golf glove helps the golfer grip the club tightly and prevent blistering. Getting your golfing father this elegantly vintage golf glove seems a great idea. It is comfortable, lightweight, and made from premium cowhide leather. The handmade set includes 3x left-hand gloves and is available in different sizes. Typically golf gloves are worn only on the players’ non-dominant hand, but if your dad is left-handed, you will need a right-hand glove.

$70.00 at modestvintageplayer

6.Back 9 Blackout Sunglasses for Golfers

Good Golf Gifts for Dad
Sunglasses are vital for outdoor activities and sports, including golf, and these Back 9 Blackout sunglasses are made specifically for golfers. They are equipped with non-reflective, polarized, 100% UV protection lenses and special grip coating on the frame, ensuring they don’t slip down the nose while arching to hit the ball. Shortly, it is carefully designed to be immune to falling out of place while playing golf.

$25.00 at goodr

7.Makaha Rimless Sunglasses

Maui Jim Sunglasses

Good Golf Gifts for Dad
These Makaha sunglasses are elegant and practical with durable, flexible frames and composite polarized lenses with UV protection coating. The lenses front and back are scratch resistant; they enhance natural light instead of dimming it, providing clarity and color. The glasses frames are made from lightweight nylon; thus, they are comfortable and suitable for extended wear.

$210.00 at amazon

8.Sojourn Organic Pima Cotton-Jersey Polo


Golfers, including your dad, appreciate breezy, comfortable clothes on course. And in this regard, cotton polos are a perfect answer that will give your dad extra joy while practicing his hobby. So, this lightweight 100% organic Pima cotton shirt is one of the best father’s Day golf gifts you could think of.

$65.00 at mrporter

9.Men’s 574 Greens Golf Shoe

New Balance

These golf sneakers are pretty comfortable, made from durable synthetic rubber sole and waterproof microfiber leather, and it has extra-thick PU sockliner for ultra comfort. The sports shoes comes with two-year waterproof warranty. So, they are one of the suitable golf gift ideas for dads.

$99.95 at amazon

10.Forbidden Fairways: African Americans and the Game of Golf

by Calvin H. Sinnette

It is one of these winning golf gift ideas if your dad is an enthusiastic reader who is into golf history. The book shed light on relatively obscure African American golfers such as Ted Rhodes, Bill Spiller, and Ann Gregory. Those who preceded Tiger Woods’ emergence on the international golf scene, which brought attention to the African American experience in golf. The book also goes through the turmoil and difficulties these early golfers went through to become icons in the sport.

$11.96 at amazon

11.Sidekick Dry Waterproof Pouch


It is a waterproof pouch for golfers who can play golf in the rain. If your dad is one of them, he does not need to worry about his stuff getting wet with this gift. The Sidekick dry is like a dry-hide shell made from durable materials and construction similar to high-performance whitewater rafts. It achieves a 100% waterproof shield using powerful magnets. Besides, the attractive pouch is available in six colors: navy, black, yellow, green, and two red shades.

$50.00 at amazon

12.Oversize Automatic Open Golf Umbrella


Another golf gift for dads golfing in the rain is this massive 47-inch golf umbrella. Making a practical golf gift, the stylish umbrella features a heavy-duty design, sturdy frame, comfortable EVA grip, and auto-open mechanism. Its canopy is made from lightweight silk-derived material with an ultra water-resistant fabric providing SPF 50+ protection. Besides, the fiberglass frame and double-canopy design make the umbrella impregnable against the wind.

$23.98 at amazon

13.Lake Rain Jacket


One more arrangement for rainy golfing. The practical, lightweight nylon rain jacket wicks away water, so your dad does not get wet to the bones. It is equally stylish and available in various colors, including grey, olive green, mustard, mint, and brown and red shades. The jacket is designed with a zipper closure and attached hood, ensuring complete rain coverage; it also has adjustable sleeve cuffs and zippered hand pockets.

$46.45 at amazon

14.Desktop Golf Pen Holder


Such golf-themed desktop decor pieces are good golf gifts for dad that will draw a smile on his face. This golf pen holder will look beautiful on your dad’s desk in his work office or home. The high-quality set is made from faux leather, metal and plastic, and it consists of a movable folding golf cart, miniature golf putting green as a base, three mini-golf-club pens, and a mini golf ball.

$20.99 at amazon

15.Golf-Club Pen Set and Mini Golf Background


This golf-themed pen set is of three pens presented in an elegant gift box. The box internally represent a mini golf playground and the pens different club types with varying ink colors, the driver having red ink, the iron black, and the putter blue. The set is fun and suitable as one of the Father’s Day golf gifts.

$19.89 at amazon

16.Hole In One Keychain

If you are looking for inexpensive yet beautiful golf-related gifts, this handsome minimalist keychain is a nice choice. It is a fun wooden piece that your dad will regard as his good luck charm for any golf game he plays with friends and family. The keychain is made from 2-sided plywood, walnut, or maple stain. There are two engraving options to choose from, “Best Daddy by Par” and “You Are My Hole in 1.”

$6.99 at groovyguygifts


In conclusion, 

I hope you have found what you are looking for in this collection of Father’s Day golf gifts. Whether you have chosen gifts from the personalized golf gifts for dad, cool golf accessories, best golf watches, or good golf gifts, make sure the gift suits the golfing dad.


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