The Best Gifts for Students to Help Them Excel in Academics and Beyond

As the school year begins, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gifts for students. Whether you’re a parent looking to show your support, a friend wanting to encourage academic success, or a teacher searching for ways to motivate your students, finding the right gift can make a big difference.

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect present. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of gifts for students that are not only practical but also fun and inspiring.

From tech gadgets to study aids, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the best gifts for students that will help them excel academically and beyond.

1- GoDonut Phone Stand for Desk

$19.99 at amazon

While this phone stand might not be the most eye-catching accessory, Strategist junior writer Brenley Goertzen speaks highly of its many functions. It keeps your hands free while you’re watching movies on a plane and during FaceTime calls (so you can fold laundry while you catch up with your mom). She also uses the holder to create an additional screen for studying by using her laptop exclusively to take notes while playing

2- Incentive Wooden Stars

$1.50 at etsy

How lovely are these stars to remind your students of how amazing they are. If you have been homeschooling and juggling work then you will find these useful. These 5cm wooden stars have a personalized option is for NAMES students and STANDARD MESSAGE including “You’re a Star!”, “Keep shining!”

3- Graphite Wooden Tree Rustic Twig Pencils

$7.29 at amazon

These tree pencils are for kids, coming with fancy claims of lasting for a long time. A set of 12 wooden pencils is manufactured using authentic wood of the finest quality, so they won’t break or crack easily. A graphite pencil set of rustic wooden pencils will be much appreciated by artists. If you have students who love arts or someone who is in the family a budding writer, this is a lovely opportunity to present a gift that is unique office supplies rustic and enjoyable at the same time.

4- Personalized Name Sign Wooden Art

$7.29 at amazon

These tree pencils are for kids, coming with fancy claims of lasting for a long time. A set of 12 wooden pencils is manufactured using authentic wood of the finest quality, so they won’t break or crack easily. A graphite pencil set of rustic wooden pencils will be much appreciated by artists. If you have students who love arts or someone who is in the family a budding writer, this is a lovely opportunity to present a gift that is unique office supplies rustic and enjoyable at the same time.

5- Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Postcards for Teachers

$7.62 at amazon

This item includes 36 identical Dr. Seuss postcards. Each 4” W x 6” H Dr. Seuss postcard allows parents to know how well their children are doing in school by sending them a mailable Dr.Seuss Postcard. Teachers can use this colorful teacher stationery to send notes home, organize parent-teacher meetings, keep in touch with students, and more! These cards are also a fun inexpensive way for teachers to stay in touch with students and parents.

6- End of Year School Student Gift Wish Bracelets

$3.00 at etsy

Personalized Wish Bracelets will become a great gift for your students as an End of Year School Student Gift. The bracelets are personalized for your class, just let the seller know what you would like written on the cards, a list of names, and bead colors! These are a great inexpensive gift for your students, especially during this time of distant learning!

7- Wood Economy Meterstick

$39.99 at amazon

The d Economy Meterstick/Yardstick is practical for School Classroom. Dual scales are presented in both centimeters and inches – one on each side. This tool is made to last with durable wood. There are measured at 39.3″ x 1″ x 1/8″The Pack of 10 items will become perfect for math class, drafting and designing, craft projects, and more.

8- Cute Cat Paw Pencil Sharpener

$7.99 at amazon

The cute Pencil Sharpener is shaped like Cat Paw. They are School Supplies for Students, also Prize Kids Gifts that have Practical Design and are Durable. Your students will certainly love these sharpeners and you see a big smile on their faces. They will remember you when they use it at home and school.

9- Kids Water Bottles Bulk

$5.95 at etsy

Help keep the little ones hydrated on those warm summer days! Translucent 13-oz. plastic water bottles have a flip-up straw built into the screw-on cap, becoming perfect for a day at the beach or pool, while hiking or exercising, travel, camps, or Birthday Party Favor. The BPA-free cups are the best way to show how much care and love you spend on your students.

10- Cross Calais Refillable Fountain Pen

$38.27 at amazon

Streamlined elements create striking style with art deco-inspired lines and sophisticated finishes, the Calais collection is an instant classic. Lightweight, sleek, with chrome accents and a bold profile, it brings a crisp, clean look to the table every time.

11- Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

$12.96 at amazon

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! probably seems passé at this point. A book to help them kick bad habits might be more their speed. Former Strategist intern (and recent college grad) Gabrielle Cody bought this book in the middle of the fall semester, when “classes have started to ramp up with research papers and final project deadlines.” She heard about it from writers and podcasters, who cited it as a must-read. “Life-changing? That’s for you to find out. All I know is I’m halfway through the book and I’ve already applied a lot of mind-set shifts into my life,” she says.

12- Wish Bracelet and Personalized Card

$53.53 at etsy

The lovely Tibetan Silver charm wish bracelet comes on a 1mm waxed cotton cord. The cord with 2 little star charms on it is fully adjustable using sliding knots. The bracelet has a double-sided gift card which is personalized on the back for you. You can add your name and contact details so your students won’t forget you! Like what legend says, when you tie the bracelet on and make a wish and when the string breaks, your wish will come true! Good luck!

13- Student Grouping Pencils

$19.09 at amazon

If you are looking for a practical gift for your student, these Student Grouping Pencils are for you. It is a handy classroom tool to simplify grouping students. The pencils are grouped by color, shape, or number printed on the plastic pencils. There is space on pencils to write student names or brain break ideas. A set includes 36 grouping pencils in 6 colors and a storage bucket. The pencils can be used by students from 3+.

14- Personalized Class End of Year Crayons Digital Print

$5.35 at etsy

These personalized gifts will promote your students’ creations. They are perfect for creating bespoke end-of-year / graduation gifts for your class. It is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD that will be completed and sent electronically within one day of purchase. All prints will be sent as a high-quality PDF, so you can print in various sizes.

15- Dinosaur Pencil Case for Boys

$10.99 at amazon

The Dino pencil case is fantastic for boy students whether it’s fully zipped for practical storage, or unzipped for hands-on fun. This 8. 66”x0. 79”x3. 94” / 22x2x10cm case is made with an extra-wide diagonal opening that allows students to find exactly what they’re looking for. It can hold up to 30 pens and pencils, this pencil bag has room for all their daily essentials. With fun dinosaur-inspired details, it will surprise and excite reptile lovers of all ages.

16- DIY Winter Coloring Mugs

$21.99 at orientaltrading

Your students will love decorating their own winter-themed mug. Pair it with a package of hot cocoa for the perfect gift to keep them busy and cozy over winter break.

17- Funny 3D Cartoon Bookmark Animals Reading Bookmarks

$11.99 at amazon

These Funny 3D Cartoon Bookmark Animals Reading Bookmarks are perfect for Students. They are 3D stereo markers in cute animal shapes add special fun to reading and add interesting decoration to books. You can choose from many kinds of cute animals, including wolves, cats, and donkeys with cute and fun shapes. They are very popular with children as they have multiple functions that can be used as markers, decorative ornaments, and toys. They are small in size, and easy to carry and use.

18- Mini Geared Clock

$74.99 at amazon

The clocks are for children to learn to tell time with this easy-to-read 12-hour kids learning. Each school clock measures 4″ with moveable hands that make it easy for kids to understand the relationship between hours and minutes. The learning time clock hands are color-coded, the red hand is for an hour and the blue hand is for a minute. Also, the internal gears maintain correct hour and minute relationships just like a real analog clock.

19- Pop it Bracelet

$2.70 at etsy

The pop-it bracelet is perfect for end-of-the-school-year gifts or classroom gifts. They have summer party favors. Each bracelet is individually packed in a clear bag with a cute personalized sticker. You can choose to write “Hope you have a COOL Summer from: (name)” and “I hope you have a Poppin’ Summer from: ( name)”. The items are available in a variety of colors and orders will be filled with colors based on availability, making them super cute and trendy gifts that teachers can hand out in class.

20- Personalized Name Bookmarks

$1.25 at etsy

These laminated personalized bookmarks are a great little gift for students or someone who loves to read. you can have the name and colors personalized! It is also possible to have plain colors instead of patterns. While the height of each bookmark is fixed at approximately 2 inches, its length will be determined by the number of letters in the name.

21- Apple Airpods With Wireless Charging Case

$99.00 at amazon

Perfect for studying, working out, or zoning out, Airpods are easy to use and portable. Plus, they pair seamlessly with iPhones and other Apple products. College students can stream shows without bothering their roommates or listen to study playlists with Airpods. Our pick also comes with a wireless charging case.

22- Smart Reusable Notebook

$23.87 at amazon

Take note-taking to a whole new level with this smart notebook by Rocketbook. The dotted grid notebook uses a special Pilot Frixion Pen to record notes, which you can send to popular cloud services using the free Rocketbook app. The erasable pages mean no more wasting paper, and notebooks come in a variety of colors.

23- Office Oasis Desk Organizer

$39.95 at amazon

This slender desk organizer offers compartments to store essential office supplies without taking up too much desk space. It holds pens, notepads, paper clips, and thumbtacks, and it even includes a phone stand. Students can rearrange the compartments, allowing them to organize the item to their needs.

24- Coffee Mug Warmer and Mug Set

$39.99 at amazon

Cosori offers a coffee warmer and mug set that can keep a student’s favorite beverage warm while they study. It features an LED display screen and lets users easily control the temperature. The mug comes with a lid and is made of stainless steel with a slip-resistant silicone sleeve.

25- 30 Pieces Rainbow Colored Pencils

$11.99 at amazon

Enjoy a long-lasting writing experience with our color pencils! Measuring at 18 cm/7.1 inches in length, these pencils can be used for a long time. Plus, writing at different angles gives you different colors, and the surface has colored curves and lines. Good for kids or students drawing.

26- Colorful Blank Books

$15.36 at amazon

These colorful blank books have 32 blank pages (16 sheets & 32 sides) each & they come 10 books to a pack. Each booklet measures 5.5 x 8.5 inches. These bright blank books are great for journaling, drawing, sketching & creative writing!

27- Personalized Beaded Lanyard

$20.65 at etsy

The personalized lanyards are made from silicone and wooden beads, so you don’t need to worry about them breaking! There is a beautiful name tag that is hand-finished to include. More interestingly, every name tag goes through over 25 steps of sanding, staining, and more. There are 22 colors of tassels and 9 different bead patterns to choose from to make it unique for your students!

28- 24 Pieces Cactus Shaped Roller Pens

$12.99 at amazon

These cactus with flower pens are mainly made PVC material, and the nib part is mainly made of stainless steel material, not easy to deform and break, hard to fade or rust, durable and soft to hold, serving you for a long time

29- Assorted Colored Pencils for Kids

$39.99 at amazon

432 Count colored pencils, 36 packs of 12 count presharpened coloring pencils bulk pack.

30- Pencil Holder Desk Organizer

$24.00 at etsy

This pencil holder is perfect to help organize your favorite teacher’s desk clutter! They measure 12” long and just over 4” tall with 3 separate storage compartments! They are made from 1/8” birch wood and painted with acrylic paint. It includes your choice of black or white lettering for the name on front. The add-on for engraving is for a simple message on the back of the pencil, NOT the name on front. For ex., to order a pencil w name AND engraving on the back, select the $24.00 listing and include an engraved message “Thanks for all you’ve done this year, From Benjamin”


In conclusion, finding the perfect gift for students doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right present, you can show your support and encourage academic success in a meaningful way.
Whether it’s a tech gadget to help them stay organized, a study aid to improve their focus, or a motivational book to inspire them, the gifts on our list are sure to make a lasting impact. So whether you’re shopping for your child, friend, or student, consider these 20 best gifts for students and give them the tools they need to succeed academically and beyond.
Remember, a thoughtful gift can go a long way in shaping a student’s future, so choose wisely and watch them soar!

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