Holiday Delights: Top Stocking Gifts for Him That Sparkle!

Heavy-Duty Straps Stocking Gifts for Him

1- Heavy-Duty Straps

at amazon

He’ll get six assorted straps that will help him need his tool shed organized. They can really be used for anything, but the brand says they are great for “extension cables, hoses and rope.”

Cooling Towel

2- Cooling Towel

at amazon

Because he’s always hot, even in December. All he has to do is soak the towel in cold water and wear it around his neck as he jogs, works out, etc.!

Snack Box Variety Pack Stocking Gifts for Him

3- Snack Box Variety Pack

at walmart

We told you not all stocking stuffers will fit in a stocking, but this one is worth wrapping up. It comes filled with 50 different types of snacks, including chips, candy and cookies!

Extendable Magnetic Flashlight

4- Extendable Magnetic Flashlight

at amazon

It’s a flashlight, it’s a magnetic tool, it’s basically a third hand that can be kept in his car to help him get into hard-to-reach places and tight spaces.

Guitar Bottle Opener Stocking Gifts for Him

5- Guitar Bottle Opener

at amazon

This guitar won’t play a Jimi Hendrix solo, but it will spice up his way of cracking a cold one.

Sweet Hot & Mild Wing Sauce

6- Sweet Hot & Mild Wing Sauce

at qvc

Give him some flavor this holiday season. These two bottles, one mild and the other sweet hot, are the perfect addition to chicken, steak and more. “This sauce goes on 99.9% of everything I eat,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.

HAWATOUR Nail Clippers Set Stocking Gifts for Him

7- HAWATOUR Nail Clippers Set

at amazon

Because you’re a little tired of him using yours. For under $10, they are super high-quality and come in this nice case, so he won’t ever lose it.

Universal Wrench Set

8- Universal Wrench Set

at amazon

There are a lot of universal tools out there, but these universal wrench wrenches will really come in handy, especially if he likes to tinker with cars.

Personalized Luggage Tags Stocking Gifts for Him

9- Personalized Luggage Tags

at etsy

If travel is on his horizon, this high-quality luggage tag is the perfect stocking stuffer. Having his name and phone number on the tag can really come in handy if his luggage gets lost at the airport, trust us.

Carhartt Beanie

10- Carhartt Beanie

at amazon

When the cold hits, this cozy beanie has him covered (literally!). Available in a ton of colors, Amazon reviewers rave about the hat’s softness and warmth. “Best money spent in a good while. Feels soft against my skin and was available in many different colors. The price was right too,” one reviewer wrote.

Warm Thermal Touchscreen Gloves Stocking Gifts for Him

11- Warm Thermal Touchscreen Gloves

at amazon

When picking out a pair for him, the sleek look of most on Amazon will only go so far. But this pair, which not only look good, will also keep his hands warm no matter what he’s doing. With over 2,000 5-star ratings on Amazon, reviewers rave that even though they aren’t authentic leather, they work wonders. “You know what IS pretty much waterproof? These PU Leather gloves. I can clear the car of snow, and ice, shovel, or run the snow blower, and my hands remain dry, and nicely insulated against the cold.”

Over-The-Door Cap Organizer

12- Over-The-Door Cap Organizer

at walmart

His hats are just everywhere! Give him this organizer, which holds up to 18 caps, to finally get them in order.

Knee Compression Sleeve Stocking Gifts for Him

13- Knee Compression Sleeve

at amazon

Whether he’s working out a lot or suffers from knee pain during regular activity, this compression sleeve will help. Amazon reviewers rave about the breathable fabric, silicone gel grip and support.

Bevel Skin Care Set for Men

14- Bevel Skin Care Set for Men

at amazon

Get his skin care started on the right foot with this affordable set that include face wash, exfoliating pads and a super light-weight moisturizer that will help him feel fresh.

Magnetic Wristband Stocking Gifts for Him

15- Magnetic Wristband

at walmart

You’re about to make his life a whole lot easier. The band can hold screws, scissors and small tools on his wrist if they are easily accessible when he’s working on his projects.

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